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2020 Articles

Case Briefs April 2020 Recent cases of interest to ADR practitioners.
Case Briefs January 2020 Recent cases of interest to ADR practitioners.
COVID-19 Sparks Renewed Interest in Online Dispute Resolution By Jay Schleppenbach April 2020 In the legal world, some are looking to online dispute resolution as a fitting solution for legal problems in the era of social distancing.
Discovery in the United States in Support of International Arbitrations By Hyun Yung (Julia) Lee January 2020 The rules and laws governing arbitration remain ambiguous in international disputes, and recent attention has been paid to the discovery process in international arbitration. 
Happenings January 2020 Recent ADR events and updates from around the country.
Mediation Meditations: Imperfect Impartiality—Implicit Bias in Mediation By Laura A. Josephson-Bernat January 2020 Despite a mediator’s intent to be impartial, unconscious bias impacts neutrality in mediations.
Reflections on Ethics, Morality, and Codes of Personal Conduct By J.D. Jordan & Judge Michael S. Jordan, (ret.) April 2020 A reflection on morals and ethics.