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2008 Articles

What’s in a name? It depends on whether you are seeking Rule 137 sanctions By J. Matthew Pfeiffer May 2008 Last year, the Second District of the Appellate Court of Illinois joined other Illinois appellate districts in deciding that while courts may sanction a person who signed a court paper, a represented party, or both pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 137, no authority exists within that rule for courts to sanction a law firm.
Who should speak on civility in civil litigation? By Kimball R. Anderson June 2008 In September 2005, the Supreme Court of Illinois announced two new programs aimed at promoting lawyer civility.
Wills v. Foster and the “reasonable value” approach to the collateral source rule By Mark Rouleau & Ehsan Eftekhari August 2008 The collateral source rule has been the subject of numerous appellate cases in Illinois in the last several years, recently culminating in the unanimous Illinois Supreme Court decision of Wills v. Foster, Docket No. 140538, 2008 WL 2446696 (June 19, 2008), written by Chief Justice Thomas.