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2000 Articles

Alphabetical listing of cases November 2000 American Family Mutual Insurance Company v. Martin, 312 Ill.App.3d 829, 728 N.E.2d 115, 245 Ill. Dec. 384 (2nd dist. 2000) Underinsured motorist coverage: stacking(2016)
Alphabetical listing of cases August 2000 Allstate Insurance Company v. Davenport, 309 Ill.App.3d 261, 723 N.E.2d 768, 242 Ill. Dec. 791 (1st dist. 2nd div. 1999) LIFE AND DISABILITY INSURANCE: TOTAL DISABILITY (1182)
Cases November 2000 Wallace v. Woolfolk, 312 Ill.App.3d 1178, 728 N.E.2d 816, 246 Ill. Dec. 734 (5th dist. 2000) (2010)Gallant Insurance Company (Gallant) issued an automobile policy to Wenona Woolfolk. Marla Wallace sustained injuries when she was involved in a car accident as a passenger with Woolfolk.
Cases August 2000 The plaintiff, Gwendolyn Buckner, obtained a judgment in the sum of $15,660.95 against the defendant Wayne Causey in the trial of a personal injury action. Buckner then commenced a garnishment proceeding against Causey's insurer, Warrior Insurance Group, also known as Gallant Insurance Company, formerly doing business as Allied America Insurance Company (referred to as Gallant/ Warrior).
Cases April 2000 Cincinnati Insurance Company ("Cincinnati") sold a directors and officers liability policy to Citizens Bank (the "Bank") covering breaches of fiduciary duty in the rural bank's trust department.
Words & phrases index of cases November 2000 Insurer did not satisfy its duty to seek its insured's cooperation, precluding it from asserting defense of noncooperation.
Words and phrases index of cases April 2000 Attorney fees not warranted because insurer's reasons for denying coverage were not baseless.