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2002 Articles

Alphabetical listing of cases November 2002 American Service Insurance Company v. Passarelli, 323 Ill.App.3d 587, 752 N.E.2d 635, 256 Ill. Dec. 755 (1st dist. 6th div. 2001) Bad faith: Statutory (1319);
Alphabetical listing of cases February 2002 American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin v. Gnojewski, 319 Ill.App.3d 970, 747 N.E.2d 367, 254 Ill. Dec. 327 (5th dist. 2001) Duty to defend: estoppel (1300)
Cases November 2002 McDonald's Corporation v. American Motorists Insurance Company, 321 Ill.App.3d 972, 748 N.E.2d 771, 255 Ill. Dec. 67 (2nd dist. 2001) (1334).
Cases February 2002 Amcor Sunclipse North America ("Sunclipse"), the defendant seeking a coverage declaration, makes corrugated paper products. Sunclipse had a license with Century Container Corporation ("Century") in which Sunclipse agreed to use only Century's graphite liner board for Sunclipse's products.
Cites from previous issue February 2002 Westchester Fire Insurance Company v. G. Heileman Brewing Company, Inc., 321 Ill.App. 3d 622, 747 N.E.2d 955, 254 Ill. Dec 543 (1st dist. 5th div. 2001)
Words & phrases index of cases November 2002 Insured not entitled to advertising injury coverage for complaint alleging theft of trade secrets.
Words & phrases index of cases February 2002 "Infringement of title" does not encompass solicitation of customers who were identified because of prior cooperation with another company.