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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Intellectual Property Law

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Newsletter Articles From 2006

Common mistakes by trademark owners in Mexico, and how to avoid them By Jaime Castillo March 2006 Ed Note. The world is reportedly shrinking, NAFTA may be furthering commerce in this hemisphere, exports are an important segment of the Illinois economy, and the Hispanic consumer market is growing. Jaime Castillo summarizes some common mistakes made by US trademark owners in Mexico, and even answers how to avoid them.
Intellectual Improbabilities™ By Daniel Kegan June 2006 Data Gone. Jacob Citrin, accused of wiping out all the data on the computer he used at work before he announced his resignation faces a lawsuit by his former employer, a group of affiliated real estate companies, under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act., 18 USC 1030.
Is/Isn’t Trademark Infringement—Internet search engine keyword advertising By Eric Goldman June 2006 In late March, the legality of the search engine keyword advertising industry got very murky due to two inconsistent rulings within the span of 10 days.
Legal wrinkles in sponsored links By Steven L. Baron and William Beattie March 2006 Like everyone else schooled in a brick-and-mortar world, trademark attorneys and the courts are struggling to apply decades-old trademark law principles to the universe of the World Wide Web.
Probate trademarks: death, reincarnation, and survival of intellectual property rights By Daniel Kegan October 2006 It was a dark and stormy night when the dame appeared in the doorway of Mark Trade,™ intellectual property investigator.
When to file for Federal trademark registration By Justin Lampel March 2006 It is a common misconception that having a business name approved by the Secretary of State’s Office provides trademark rights