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Newsletter articles from 2017

Board members should talk more! Open Meetings Act violation for failure to provide a sufficient public recital of the key facts of an agenda item before voting By John M. O’Driscoll February 2017 What does 'public recital' mean in light of Allen v. The Clark County Park District Board of Commissioners?
Case summaries By James Ferolo, Sonni Choi Williams, Rita Elsner, John Foltz, Phil Lenzini, Joshua Herman, and Matt Dionne March 2017 Recent cases of interest to local government law practitioners.
Case summaries By James Ferolo, Sonni Choi Williams, Rita Elsner, John W. Foltz, Phillip B. Lenzini, Joshua Herman, and Matthew S. Dionne January 2017 Recently decided Illinois decisions, compiled by this section's Litigation Committee.
Ezell v. City of Chicago: Resolving the tension between zoning of shooting ranges & the Second Amendment By Donna J. Pugh and Xenia Chiu September 2017 The tension created by the duty to protect public safety and the obligation to protect individuals’ constitutional rights remains a challenge in light of Ezell v. City of Chicago, where the Seventh Circuit once again struck down Chicago’s ordinances that aim to reduce possession and use of firearms by eliminating, or discouraging, public firing ranges in the City.
Intergovernmental conflict: Ambiguity in the codification of Gurba By Donna J. Pugh and Michael D. Noonan February 2017 A brief survey examining how intergovernmental conflicts between zoning bodies and other governmental units have been handled by Illinois courts in various contexts
The power of an Inspector General to seek information from a separately elected county official— Blanchard v. Berrios By Patrick T. Driscoll, Jr. March 2017 in Blanchard v. Berrios, the Illinois Supreme Court determined that the Cook County Inspector General had the authority to seek information and to issue subpoenas to the separately elected Cook County Assessor.
Recent PAC opinions and materials By Michael T. Jurusik January 2017 Recent cases and opinions of interest to practitioners.
Section stances on significant legislation March 2017 See what positions the Section has taken on a variety of bills in the Illinois General Assembly.