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2018 Articles

Case summaries: Recent cases of local government interest By James Ferolo, Matt Dione, Rita Elsner, Brian Flynn, Joshua Herman, Phil Lenzini, & Sonni Williams December 2018 Cases of interest to local government lawyers.
Citation of Recognition In Honor and Memory of John H. Brechin from the Local Government Section Council of the ISBA March 2018 The Section recently adopted this measure for John Brechin, who passed away in 2017.
Code Revision Commission v. Public.Resource.Org: Copyright of laws and public works By Peter J. Orlowicz December 2018 Code Revision Commission, State of Georgia v. Public.Resource.Org., Inc. identifies three factors to consider in determining “whether a written work is attributable to the constructive authorship of the People” and, as a result, not copyrightable.
Illinois Appellate Court issues three new FOIA opinions By Tony Fioretti May 2018 The Illinois Appellate Court recently issued three new opinions interpreting the Freedom of Information Act.
Illinois local governments cannot pass their own ordinances regulating organized labor By Michael Cosgrove December 2018 A summary of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 399 v. Village of Lincolnshire.
Manuel v. City of Joliet reconsidered by the seventh circuit on remand: Court rules that pretrial wrongful detention claim accrues at the end of detention By Yordana Wysocki December 2018 The seventh circuit issued a decision in September on a statute of limitations issue in Manuel v. City of Joliet.
A modern-day dual sword of Damocles: The current threat looming over sanctuary cities By Juanita B. Rodriguez May 2018 As immigration reform rises to the top of the nation's political agenda, emphatic rhetoric from both sides centers on sanctuary policies enacted by state and local governments.
A new vague and contrived test for defining relevant property subject to regulatory takings claims By Aaron N. Gruen May 2018 An overview of the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Murr v. Wisconsin and its new test for regulatory takings. 
Personnel Records Review Act exempts a police officer’s disciplinary records from a FOIA request By Yordana Wysocki September 2018 The appellate court recently clarified that section 8 of the Personnel Records Review Act exempts disciplinary records more than four years old requested under the Freedom of Information Act.
Procrastination in the age of e-filing By Richard W. Zuckerman September 2018 As family law practitioners, caseloads and deadlines can feel overwhelming—and e-filing can be a benefit as well as an excuse to procrastinate.
SCOTUS overrules Abood in Janus v. AFSCME By Carlos S. Arévalo September 2018 In June, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Janus v. AFSCME, which stemmed from an appeal over the dismissal of a complaint that sought to invalidate agency fees and to reverse the Supreme Court’s 1977 decision in Abood v. Detroit Board of Education.
Tax increment financing By Tatia Gibbons May 2018 Tax increment financing creates a source of revenue intended to encourage private investment in communities, restore the property value base, and promote development.