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Lawyers need to blog

In our day and age, if you are an attorney you need to be out in front of your profession in every possible way. No question about it you must make and keep a commitment to re-brand yourself every 24 hours now a day, with all that is out there bombarding potential clients.

That being said, by now the lawyers are shaking their heads saying I just don’t have the time to try and make a Blog or post a Blog...I spend my time taking care of an office and clients. Well you can do that but soon there will be no clients to be taking care of. They will have read someone else’s Blog and hired that firm!

OK, how can I do this and still not have to worry about how to try and make a Blog look good with the right feel to it and the right approach. Well, stop right there in your tracks. There is a fabulous company, LexBlog, Inc. located in Seattle, Washington, (800-913-0988 or that will take all of the guesswork out of preparing and creating your legal blog for the entire world to see and enjoy!

The company will help the attorney to develop a strong online presence that drives business development. They do blogs—really awesome, well-designed, responsive blogs that create wide-spread, business-generating reputation. And, they will coach you on how to get started, keep it up and not look stupid in the process!

As they say over and over again at LexBlog - “it can be intimidating or downright scary to start blogging and getting yourself out there. But you won’t be alone. We’ll make sure you don’t do anything you’ll regret later, in fact, we’ll make sure you get the best start possible.” This then is done with their expert coaching on how to develop the best blog for your legal practice.

Sometimes the attorney wants more - perhaps some that are reading this don’t even have a Web site well the experienced team at LexBlog can help you create an online strategy including beautiful Web sites, internal sites and network sites. If it’s extended training or coaching you need, LexBlog can help you out there as well. They do in-depth training on social media platforms like LinkedIn and how to use it for business development, Twitter and Google+. Just ask them to help you with whatever it is you want and need and they we’ll work with you to create the right program for your team.

I myself have been with this fine company since almost its inception and they just keep getting better and better as the time goes on. LexBlog manages the world’s largest curated collection of professional blogs that shines a light on lawyers doing great work. More than 8,000 lawyer-authors provide a regularly updated flow of legal opinion and analysis. By aggregating and curating this rich content, they create multiple points of exposure for their clients.

So now there you have it - no more excuses!

As my High School Band director always said - “Results - Not Excuses” and if you want the best results and IF you want to have a blog that outshines your competition call or email LexBlog and see what a difference your professional image will have!!!


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