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The new 2011 Guide to the Illinois Statutes of Limitation is here! The Guide contains Illinois civil statutes of limitation enacted and amended through September 2011, with annotations. This is a quick reference to Illinois statutes of limitation, bringing together provisions otherwise scattered throughout the Code of Civil Procedure and other chapters of the Illinois Compiled Statutes. Go to https://www.isba.org/store/books/guidetoillinoisstatutesoflimitation2011 for more information.

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In This Issue…

  • View from the Chair
    An introduction to the issue from Senior Lawyers Section Chair Gary Rafool.
  • Congratulations, Class of 1960
    The text of an address delivered by the Honorable Carole K. Bellows to the 2010 Class of Distinguished Counselors on December 8, 2010 on the occasion of their 50th anniversary celebration.
  • Act III
    So, you are entering the last stage of your professional life. This is Act Ill. Before you take the stage in Act III, please read these thoughts from author Loren Golden.
  • Lawyers and retirement/Oil and water
    A look at why lawyers find it hard to retire.
  • Musings of an old country lawyer
    Some thoughts from author and newsletter editor John Maville.

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