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From the Chair

My year as chair is coming to a close. Hopefully many of you have found some value in being connected to the Senior Lawyers Section. Our discussion group has quickly become one of the largest discussion groups of the ISBA. We have offered CLE programs on retirement issues and this fall we are holding a hands on workshop at a computer lab for seniors who are faced with the question, “How do I turn this thing on?” Before I leave my soapbox, I will mention three things that I have found to be unusually helpful for exercising, saving information, and entertainment.

First, the exercise gadget that beats all gadgets. This is by far my favorite. It comes from Striiv, a small company with some really smart people running it. Most people would call the Striiv a pedometer. But let me tell you, this is not your grandfather’s pedometer. It actually gets you exercising even if you are not in the mood. This gadget is addictive. If you go on line you will see that everyone gives glowing recommendations, so much so that you are convinced that they cannot be for real. But believe me, they are for real. This measures your steps, stairs, and running. But more importantly it gets you hooked into building cities and new lands and islands. You need to exercise more to get more energy points to get more money to keep growing your unique islands. It takes more and more, and you want to get out more and more to keep growing your lands. You can opt for challenges that get you doing more than you had planned. You sync it to your computer which keeps track of your time and distance statistics. You also have the company make donations, based on your activity. I have chosen to donate clean water (a day’s worth each time), which I do every day. It is no bigger than a key fob for a car and I have carried it in my pocket for over a year. There is a new version, which is smaller, and syncs with your iPhone5. It is smaller because it does not have the screen that my version has; you use the screen on your phone. I walk miles, mostly on the beach, with my little friend. I guarantee that you will absolutely love this thing.

Secondly, one of my favorite programs for saving the things that I access on the internet is Evernote. With this program you can save all those receipts from your on line purchases, banking transactions, anything that you want saved from an Internet Web site. It is a web clipping service. One of the ways to use it, that I have found useful, is to save sites visited that you wish to go back to some day. You actually are saving the site, so when you go back to it you are right at the site on the web. An example of how this is helpful: I was searching Amazon for a coffee pot to give as a gift to my son-in-law. Each one I found I saved on Evernote. When I would go back to the ones I saved, I was actually back on the site so I could scroll through the site checking all the reviews as if I had never left it. It is also very helpful to have all your internet generated receipts in one place, all organized as you want them. I keep warranties there, as well as anything I may wish to go back to and see years later. Very handy.

Third, is a program for anyone who has wanted to download music from an iPod or iPhone to their computer. If you have purchased a new computer (or have lost your music on your computer) and wish to download your music from your iPhone to the new computer, which has no music in your iTunes, you will be met with a warning that it only copies from the computer to your phone. So if you sync your loaded phone to the empty iTunes, your phone will now match your computer, and be empty also. Thus the need for a third-party program. I have found TouchCopy, by Wide Angle Software, to be very easy to use. All you have to do is push one button and all the songs that you have marked in your phone are copied into your iTunes. I have been told by techies that there is a way to do it without purchasing a program, but I am not a techie and this works so well that I have to recommend it for anyone facing this particular problem.

One other recommendation; I know, I said just three. But this helps with exercise, and is free. Are you having a hard time catching up on your reading? Here is a great solution, and it is from your public library. You can download the latest audio books to your iPod (MP3Player, Phone) and with ear plugs can be entertained on those long walks that Striiv will have you doing. What could be better?

Enjoy your summer! ■

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Thanks for the information, Don. I'm off to buy Striiv this weekend - one for me and another for a great Father's Day gift idea.

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