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Services at ISBA Mutual’s new Loop office

As your former ISBA President and 51-year practitioner, it’s not like I haven’t been running around the block a time or two and am not aware of the various ways that client confidentiality can be breached. Or of the increasing risks in general of being hacked.

But do you think of that happening while you’re reviewing client files or emails over a hot drink at the Loop coffee shop as you kill time between meetings or court dates? Probably not. But you should.

It’s not just the free WiFi at coffee shops or fast food restaurants or other such public places that’s risky. Malicious hackers can and do use network scanners to spot vulnerabilities on your device. Or they equip their mobile phones with high-resolution cameras to capture your credit card number, debit card number and PIN and email log-in information.

You can avoid this, and I’m not referring to anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing solutions (though, by all means, look into them!). If you’re downtown looking for a place to relax, have a cup of coffee and kill some time, consider stopping by ISBA Mutual’s office on the eighth floor at 20 S. Clark St. in downtown Chicago. Because we have you covered – and for more than just malpractice insurance. (Full disclosure, I am a board member of ISBA Mutual but secure WiFi).

When ISBA Mutual moved its office from its long-time River North location two years ago, its board and staff realized this was the perfect time to expand how we support and serve our community of lawyers. After all, we do more than underwriting. We believe it’s important to be a resource on law firm best management practices, because it takes knowledge and awareness of risks so you know enough not to trigger claims. That reduces claims and your premiums.

We also believe it’s important to literally be there for you. That’s why, when we were designing our space, we specially created a work haven – and more – for our community, whether you have a policy with us or not. Consider it your “Office Away from the Office.” And, yes, it’s free and no, you don’t have to buy anything to use it. (Though if you don’t have malpractice insurance or your renewal is approaching or you just want to compare policies, let the person at the reception desk know and they just might have someone come right out to help you.)

At our centerpiece Internet Café with a great view of Chase Plaza, you can have a seat at the bar or a café table, pull out your laptop or tablet and your hard copy files, access our free and secure WiFi and get your work done while waiting to walk the two blocks to the court house.

You will likely encounter other professionals there, either working or just having casual conversation and a free, bottomless cup of coffee or tea. But, if you want more privacy, our four micro-offices may also be available for either quiet, private meetings or just a distraction-free place to work.

But wait, there’s more! ISBA Mutual has also set space aside for larger group business meetings and social and educational events, and, at any given point of time, one of our area professional groups may have something going on. This larger group space features two conference rooms along with state-of-the-art technology. Think media streaming transceivers, a conference call system that integrates with the audio system, easily accessed power sources and USB charging capabilities.

It’s all free to Illinois lawyers and legal groups, open during the week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. No reservations are necessary for casual use, but conference rooms do need to be reserved in advance. Just call our receptionist at 800-473-4722. You’ll be walked through the details: Catering needs to be approved in advance. The proper licenses must be provided if alcohol will be served. Proof of insurance is required. While these rooms also are free, if your event will go past 6 p.m., a $150 fee to cover HVAC costs will be required. Attendee lists also will be required for after-hours events for security purposes.

ISBA Mutual is proud of the literal open-door policy we’ve put together for our community of Illinois lawyers. Our office away from the office is a far safer option than more casual public gathering places like coffee houses, is less expensive (like free) than co-working options, and then, too, location, location, location.

It all combines to make ISBA Mutual a resource that, from every perspective, is hard to beat. I am happy to be involved with ISBA Mutual and very happy to share this information with you!

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