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Workers’ Compensation Law
The newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law

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Newsletter Articles From 2019

Appellate court affirms commission decision finding petitioner failed to prove his condition of ill-being was causally connected to his work place accident By Timothy C. Steil April 2019 The appellate court issued a Rule 23 decision in Lloyd Roberts v. Illinois Worker’s Compensation Comm’n.
Appellate court affirms denial of claim for injuries sustained in auto accident petitioner was involved in on her way to a follow-up doctor’s appointment for her work injury By Monica J. Kiehl April 2019 Gaytan v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Comm’n reaffirms the fact-specific scenarios under which an employee is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits when injured traveling to or from a doctor's appointment.
Appellate court lacks jurisdiction to enforce workers’ compensation subpoena when enforcement has not been attempted via the IWCC By Jack Linn April 2019 A summary of Diahann Grasty v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Comm’n.
Editor’s note By Richard D. Hannigan April 2019 An introduction to the issue from the editor, Richard D. Hannigan.
Employers face new liabilities for latent injury cases under bill awaiting governor’s signature By Daniel L. Kelley April 2019 Illinois Senate Bill 1596 has been approved by the Illinois General Assembly and upon signing by the Governor will allow employees to file civil actions against employers for latent injuries.
Get to know the appellate court justices of the Workers’ Compensation Commission Division By Richard D. Hannigan April 2019 Biographies of Justice Thomas Hoffman and Hon. Donald C. Hudson.
Governor’s Pritzker’s commission appointments By Richard D. Hannigan April 2019 Recent appointments to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission.
Mergers & applications—Does the nature and extent of successive injuries merge? By Timothy O’Gorman April 2019 The appellate court has recently settled the question of whether benefits can be awarded concurrently under sections 8(e) and 8(d)1 of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.