ISBA YLD Sponsorship Opportunities

Over the course of any bar year, the ISBA YLD holds a number of flagship events that attract an enthusiastic bunch of young, smart lawyers and their friends. Each event is a unique opportunity for our sponsors to target and reach this up-and-coming group of lawyers.

We offer sponsors two basic ways to gain exposure: 1) an "Annual sponsorship," which gives the sponsor an opportunity to be involved in every event the YLD organizes over the course of a year; 2) targeted specific event sponsorships.

Flagship Children's Assistance Fund Events for the 2018-2019 bar year:

Thank You!

ISBA Young Lawyers Division would like to thank the following 2019-2020 bar year sponsors

Silver Level

ISBA Mutual, Lawyers' Malpractice Insurance
ISBA Mutual

Bronze Level

Kaveny & Kroll
Kaveny & Kroll

Stange Law Firm, PC
Stange Law Firm

YLD Holiday Party (December 2019)

Held at a pub in Chicago, the Holiday Party is one of YLD's most popular events. Food, open bar, live music and the holiday spirit bring together hundreds of young lawyers and YLD alumni.

YLD Winter Wine Event  (February 2020)

A wine tasting event at a Chicago law firm or at the ISBA Chicago office. The event includes appetizers, wine tasting, and teaching about wine. A great opportunity for lawyers to get out of the cold and learn to appreciate wine.

YLD Bean Bag Tournament (Spring 2020)

The annual bean bag tournament is held on a Spring Saturday afternoon every year at a Chicago bar. The event is a casual and fun, bringing young lawyers together to test their skills at tossing bean bags

Annual Sponsorship

The year-long Annual Sponsorship provides repeated high-level exposure to our attendees and ample opportunity to truly gain the fundamental recognition many sponsors seek. The ISBA YLD often organizes events other than the flagship events outlined above. At no additional cost, year-long sponsors shall be included as sponsors of all of these other events (provided that sponsor advertising is appropriate).

Gold: Premier name and logo placement at every event (subordinate to an event Title Sponsor, if any), in all media materials advertising the event, and ten tickets to every event. Recognition on ISBA YLD website. Not exclusive. ($5,000)*

Silver: Second-tier name placement at every event (no logo), in most media materials advertising the event (no email), five tickets to every event. Second-tier recognition on ISBA YLD website. Not exclusive. ($2,500)*

Bronze: Name placement at every event (no logo), in most media materials advertising the event, two tickets to every event. Name recognition is subordinate to individual event "Leader" sponsor(s). Recognition on ISBA YLD website. Not exclusive. ($1,500)*

*payment plans available

Individual sponsorship opportunities

If a sponsor cannot participate in the annual sponsorship or seeks specific event opportunities, individual event sponsorships are available. Both annual and individual sponsors will be recognized at events.

Individual Fundraising Events – Holiday Party, Wine Tasting, and Bean Bag Tournament

Title: $2,500 (25 tickets to event; exclusive)
Gold: $1,000 (10 tickets to event)
Silver: $500 (5 tickets to event)
Bronze: $250 (2 tickets to event)

Thank you.

Become a sponsor

If you have any questions about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ernest Barrens at 312-920-4689 or