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10 new Cook County associate judges named

Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans will administer the oath of office to the newly elected Cook County associate judge on Friday, October 30 at 11 a.m. The induction ceremony will be held at the Assembly Hall of the James R. Thompson Center, concourse level, 100 W. Randolph in Chicago. The following judges will be sworn in:
  • Carmen Kathleen Aguilar
  • Clarence Lewis Burch
  • LaGuina Clay-Clark
  • Neil H. Cohen
  • Stephen James Connolly
  • William Edward Gomolinski
  • William Richard Jackson Jr.
  • Demetrios George Kottaras
  • Bernard Joseph Sarley
  • Jeffrey L. Warnick
Cook County Associate judges serve a four year term and receive an annual salary of $165,588. By Supreme Court Rule, however, the term for all associate judges will expire on June 30, 2011, regardless of when they were appointed. The ten judges appointed today, as well as those associate judges currently serving, must be reappointed July 1, 2011. Cook County seats 152 associate judges.
Posted on September 25, 2009 by Chris Bonjean

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