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Fastcase tip of the week: Save your searches

You may already know that Fastcase automatically tracks your last 10 searches.  But have you ever wished that you could access even older searches?  How about naming your searches and organizing them in folders by topic?  You can easily accomplish all of these tasks using your web browser. 1. While on the Results screen, press Control + D.   (Mac users, use Apple + D instead).  This will cause a small window to appear on your screen.
  • In IE: "Add a Favorite."
  • In Firefox: "Page Bookmarked."
  • In Chrome: "Bookmark."
2. The window will prompt you to name your bookmark.  Name your bookmark according to your search topic, e.g., "Miranda Fifth Amendmen 3. Next, follow the prompts in the bookmark window to create a new bookmark folder for your search.  (Hint: Try creating folders for particular clients or briefs, e.g., "Merits Brief" or "Smith Arbitration.") 4. To return to your bookmarked search results later, find the bookmark folder you created using your browser.  When you click on the bookmark, your search results will automatically reappear. (Hint: Make sure you are logged in to Fastcase before accessing your bookmarks). Questions? Call us at 1-866-773-2782 (7AM-7PM Central Mon-Fri) or e-mail
Posted on November 9, 2009 by Chris Bonjean
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