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Legal Tech in the Blogosphere - Getting Paid

Kevin Harris’ recent post in Attorney at Work, It’s About Time You Got Paid, reminds lawyers that they are in business to make money; and that they need to employ good management practices in order to accomplish that goal.  However, in today’s economic climate, lawyers are expected to draw up budget and staffing plans at the outset of an undertaking and stick to them using a technique called LPM, or Legal Project Management, as explained by Pam Woldow in her posting, LPM, Going for Broke and Turning up the HeatHowever,despite LPM having become the buzzword for law practice management this year, Toby Brown suggests that a better term might be BFC, or “Better, Faster, Cheaper,” in the article he posted at 3 Geeks and the Law Blog: Legal Project Management Versus Process Improvement - Which Drives BFC?.

In order to assist lawyers in their efforts to accomplish these goals, software vendors are constantly offering new products and upgrades, which bloggers then review.  Hence, Basha Systems posted a review of a Actionstep, a new legal management program imported from Australia.  Also, TL Answers, at Legal Technology Review contains reviews of new products and advice about setting up software.  Legal Technology Review is a free subscription e-mail service with several offerings from which to choose.

"Legal Tech in the Blogosphere" is written by members of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Legal Technology (COLT).

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Chris Bonjean

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