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IJA President lauds judges for ISBA activity

Illinois Judges Association (IJA) President Rita M. Novak has announced that 90 judges have been appointed to committees of the Illinois State Bar Association by its new President John E. Thies.

Judge Novak, an Associate Judge from Cook County, pointed to Illinois judges continuing commitment to the betterment of the legal profession. She said: “It is difficult for both lawyers and for judges to find the extra time, in addition to their already demanding jobs, to be part of the larger profession. But that is our responsibility. I am proud of the commitment of Illinois’ judges to our state bar association.”

Among those serving on ISBA committees are Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier, of Nashville, who is a member of the Bench and Bar Section Council.

Many judges have committed to leadership positions in the ISBA. Hon. Stephen Pacey, of Paxton, is Treasurer of the 33,000-member organization. Judge Pacey, along with the Hon. Russell Hartigan of Cook County, also serves on the ISBA Board of Governors. Both men also perform other committee work for the ISBA. The 27-member Board of Governors oversees the operations and management of the ISBA, subject to policies set by the ISBA Assembly.

Numerous judges also serve on the ISBA Assembly, which is the supreme policy making body of the Association, with 201 lawyer or judge members elected on a pro rata basis from the judicial circuits.

Two federal judges are part of the state bar’s committee structure. The Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Hon. James Holderman, is part of the Federal Civil Practice Section Council. Retired federal Magistrate Judge Gerald Cohn, of Collinsville, is a member of the Standing Committee on Corrections & Sentencing, and the Standing Committee on Judicial Advisory Polls.

About the judicial involvement, ISBA President Thies said: “I greatly value the involvement of judges in Illinois State Bar Association leadership, committees and activities. Judges work side by side with our other members on so many important projects. They bring a unique perspective that is very helpful to achieving our mission. I also think that participation within the ISBA gives judges insight into larger questions facing the delivery of legal services to people in Illinois. So it’s a win/win.”

Posted on September 7, 2012 by Chris Bonjean
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