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Tech Tip: How to use the Snipping Tool to take Screenshots for Attorneys

Attorney Trent Bush demonstrates how to capture any part of your screen using the snipping tool in Microsoft Windows. Capture parts of documents to include in your briefs, and even share an error message with your IT staff through email.

Posted on May 5, 2015 by Chris Bonjean
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As we unwind the centuries old practice of using paper documents, these types of tools become invaluable resources in advancing the practice of law. I use the snipping tool infrequently so the refresher course was greatly appreciated. Thanks very much for the concise user course.

Thanks for teaching us how to use the snipping tool, which I'd never heard of before. Please keep these useful tech tips coming!

Trent was right! I've now pinned the snipping tool to the task bar! Thanks for the tip.

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