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New and Upgraded Fellows of the Illinois Bar Foundation

The Fellows of the Illinois Bar Foundation thank our latest new and upgraded Fellows for their commitment to supporting the mission of the Illinois Bar Foundation. Funds from the Fellows program make a direct impact on the lives of those in need, including our colleagues and their families during times of crisis and those who cannot otherwise afford legal representation. Fellows’ pledges are payable over 10 years and start at just $100 per year, or less than $9 per month. 

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New Fellows    
Michael Alkaraki, Bronze Fellow
Robert B. Anderson, Bronze Fellow
Howard Ankin, Bronze Fellow
Gregory Booth, Bronze Fellow
Frank Cesarone, Bronze Fellow
Michael Colwell, Bronze Fellow
Hon. Barbara Crowder, Bronze Fellow
Hon. J. Imani Drew, Bronze Fellow
Van-Lear Eckert, Bronze Fellow
Daniel Felix, Bronze Fellow
Mary Anne Spellman Gerstner, Bronze Fellow
Wesley Gozia, Bronze Fellow
Vanessa Hammer, Bronze Fellow
Robert Handley, Bronze Fellow
Jennifer Irmen, Bronze Fellow
Jenna Kearns, Bronze Fellow
David King, Bronze Fellow
Dominic Kujawa, Bronze Fellow
Theresa Kulat, Bronze Fellow
Michael Lenert, Bronze Fellow
Matthew Loar, Bronze Fellow
Lawrence Manson, Bronze Fellow
Ted Meyers, Bronze Fellow
Masah SamForay, Bronze Fellow
Gladys Santana, Bronze Fellow
Marie Sarantakis, Bronze Fellow
Susan Shulman, Bronze Fellow
Steven Smith, Bronze Fellow
Jeffrey Theriault, Bronze Fellow
Carlos Vera, Bronze Fellow
Sara Barnowski, Silver Fellow
Marron Mahoney, Silver Fellow
Daniel Saeedi, Silver Fellow
Diana Uchiyama, Silver Fellow
David Weder, Silver Fellow
Cory White, Silver Fellow
Adrian Zeno, Silver Fellow
Brigitte Schmidt Bell, Gold Fellow
Alex Memmen, Gold Fellow
Ari Scharg, Gold Fellow
Carmen Caruso, Diamond Fellow               

Upgraded Fellows          
Stephen W. Baker, Silver Fellow
Margo Lynn Hablutzel, Silver Fellow
Philip Hablutzel, Silver Fellow
Nancy Hablutzel, Silver Fellow
Jeremy Karlin, Silver Fellow
Arlette Porter, Silver Fellow
Alice Sackett, Silver Fellow
James Shapiro, Silver Fellow
Deborah Soehlig, Silver Fellow
Rick Turner, Silver Fellow
James Dodge, Gold Fellow
Jim Dunneback, Gold Fellow
Hon. Roger G. Fein, Ret., Gold Fellow
Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier, Gold Fellow
George Leynaud, Gold Fellow
Sharon Eiseman, Diamond Fellow
Annemarie Kill, Diamond Fellow
Sonni Williams, Diamond Fellow
William Peithmann, Pillar of the Foundation Fellow

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