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Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Pretrial Practices Releases Preliminary Report

The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Pretrial Practices released its preliminary report concerning pretrial reform in the Illinois criminal justice system today.

A final report with recommendations regarding the administration of pretrial justice in Illinois will be released in December. The commission also announced that public hearings regarding pretrial justice will be held throughout the state in the coming months.

In moving Illinois from a resource-based system of justice to one that is risk-based, the goal of the commission is to minimize the effects of monetary conditions of release in the criminal justice system while maximizing appropriate release, assuring court appearance, and fostering public safety.

The commission was created in 2017 and is comprised of members of all three branches of Illinois government and criminal justice stakeholders. It is charged with conducting a comprehensive review of the state’s pretrial detention system and making recommendations for amendments to state laws, Illinois Supreme Court Rules and policies, as necessary, to ensure pretrial practices in all jurisdictions in Illinois are consistent, in form and substance, with the court’s policy statement on pretrial services. 

The commission is guided by the National Institute of Corrections' Essential Elements of a High Functioning Pretrial System and Agency, which has provided critical support and training to the commission's efforts in improving Illinois bail practices.

Posted on March 27, 2019 by Rhys Saunders
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