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ISBA President David Sosin Speaks to Media about Chicago Mayor’s Proposal for Tax on Professional Services

ISBA President David Sosin has spoken publicly to media outlets during the past three weeks regarding Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s proposal for the city to implement a tax on professional services.

Lightfoot has said she would like to get state approval for Chicago to impose a service tax on professions such as accounting and legal services. Although there are no details about the proposal, the ISBA is opposed to such a tax.

In interviews with WTTW and the Cook County Record, Sosin noted that the proposed tax would be regressive and would unfairly penalize the working poor and people of modest means.

“People don’t choose to be evicted,” Sosin told a WTTW reporter. “People don’t choose to have their parents die and go through a probate proceeding to receive their property. People don’t choose to fall behind on their mortgage payments.”

The ISBA will continue to monitor this proposal and oppose any efforts to levy a tax on the services its members provide to their clients.

Posted on July 17, 2019 by Rhys Saunders
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Yesterday I read President Sosin's comments in a larger business-related article. Bravo!  The points were well spoken.

There is a separation of powers issue here I believe one is missing when one is lumping legal services in with accounting and other such professional services. 

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