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Illinois Supreme Court Allows Electronic Devices During Oral Arguments

The Illinois Supreme Court today issued an order allowing the use of electronic devices during Supreme Court oral arguments.

The order states: “Unless otherwise restricted by the Chief Justice, and upon a minimum of seven (7) days advance notice to the clerk of the Court, electronic devices including laptops, tablets, and cell phones may be used by counsel or litigants (not spectators) to assist during oral argument when referencing notes, for note-taking, or internet searching so long as the device is silenced, the use is respectful of others and does not disturb court proceedings (e.g. by making a clicking sound on a keyboard or other audible tone). The electronic device may not be used for the following purposes: posting on social media, texting, emailing, phone use, recording court proceedings (audio or video), or camera use. Failure to comply with this policy may result in confiscation of the device. This Policy does not supersede or in any way negate Court rules and administrative orders governing media coverage of court proceedings.”

Posted on November 25, 2019 by Rhys Saunders
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