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The Four Parasites Eating Away Your Practice Growth: How to Identify and Eradicate Them

Is your law firm’s growth stagnate? Your practice could have a parasite if any of the following sounds familiar: you don’t know if your cases are profitable or by how much; you keep getting interrupted by phone calls/emails and your staff is delegating to you; you have clients who are past due on payments, or worse, you are past due on invoicing; or your referrals and prospects are less than ideal.

If any of that sounds like your life as a practice owner, then you may have one or more of the four distinct parasites weakening your practice. No matter how grand your vision is for your law firm’s future, it won’t matter if you haven’t ensured that four basic business cornerstones are in place and infection-free.

Join us online from noon until 1 p.m. Monday, December 16, when attorney and Atticus Practice advisor Steve Riley shares strategies to help you detect and eradicate the distinct issues plaguing your firm. Walk away with tools you can use right away to spark improvement and growth!

This program qualifies for 1.0 hour MCLE credit, including 1.0 hour Professionalism, Civility, or Legal Ethics credit (subject to approval).

Learn more and register.


Posted on November 25, 2019 by Rhys Saunders
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