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Fifteen New Cook County Associate Judges Named

The names of 15 new associate judges, selected in a vote of Cook County Circuit Court judges, were announced today by Marcia M. Meis, Director of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts.
Ballots listing the names of 30 finalists, chosen from 212 candidates, were distributed to 252 circuit judges. Ballots were due Dec. 3. The Alliance of Bar Associations and the Chicago Bar Association evaluated the candidates. Each candidate was interviewed by an 11-member nominating committee, comprised of Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans of the Cook County Circuit Court and 10 presiding judges. 

Judge Evans certified the 30 finalists to the administrative director on Nov. 5.

In accordance with the 1970 Illinois Constitution, the administrative office conducted the election pursuant to the provisions of Illinois Supreme Court Rule 39, which directs that twice as many candidates as vacancies be nominated. Supreme Court Rule 39 provides that the term for all associate judges expires on June 30, 2023. The 15 judges appointed today, as well as those associate judges currently serving, must be reappointed July 1, 2023. Cook County seats 146 associate judges. 

The following is a list of the newly selected Cook County associate judges: 

  • Amee Elizabeth Alonso
  • Marina E. Ammendola 
  • Frank John Andreou
  • Fredrick Hayze Bates
  • John Abbrey Fairman
  • Michael Angelo Forti
  • Michael James Hogan, Jr.
  • Celestia Laurene Mays
  • Jennifer Joyce Payne
  • Diane Marie Pezanoski
  • Geri Pinzur Rosenberg
  • Rouhy J. Shalabi 
  • John Anthony Simon
  • Levander Smith, Jr.
  • Daniel Owen Tiernan 
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