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Association Health Plan Update: Mercer Soliciting Offerings From Health Insurance Carriers

The ISBA has announced the next steps in the process of potentially offering members an Association Health Plan later this year.

Mercer, the national employee benefit consulting firm that the ISBA has partnered with, is in the process of soliciting competitive offerings from multiple health insurance carriers. Mercer anticipates providing ISBA leadership with viable options by early spring, and that ISBA members will be able to enroll in an Association Health Plan by this summer.

ISBA President David Sosin announced today that he will provide updates about the process throughout the upcoming weeks and months.

Association Health Plans offer a number of benefits, including flexible plan offerings that work best for a firm’s employees, more affordable coverage, creating a stronger employee/employer relationship, and stabilized premiums.

Posted on January 28, 2020 by Rhys Saunders
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Will plans be available for solo practitioners with no employees?  Thanks

Any news on this moving forward into spring?



Any news on this moving forward into spring?



Is there any update? 

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