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Illinois Supreme Court Disbars 2, Suspends 7 in Latest Disciplinary Filing

The Illinois Supreme Court announced the filing of lawyer disciplinary orders on March 13, 2020. Sanctions were imposed because the lawyers engaged in professional misconduct by violating state ethics law.


  • Elena Gallo, Chicago

    Ms. Gallo, who was licensed in 2002, was disbarred. She dishonestly converted $17,978 and charged excessive fees of $13,150 in several real estate transactions. She also engaged in a conflict of interest by representing both the buyer and the sellers in the same real estate transaction. 

  • Kendall Blake Lynchey, New Lenox

    Mr. Lynchey, who was licensed in 1998, was disbarred. He converted funds totaling at least $29,513 from earnest money he had agreed to hold in connection with two real estate transactions, and he falsely told the attorneys for the buyers that he had refunded the earnest money. 


  • Jason Robert Craddock, Monee

    Mr. Craddock, who was licensed in 1997, was suspended for three months. On three occasions he directed vulgar and offensive language towards female opposing counsel in litigation matters he was handling for clients. The suspension is effective on April 3, 2020.  

  • Eric Richard Decator, Barrington

    Mr. Decator, who was licensed in 1987, was suspended for five months and until he completes the ARDC Professionalism Seminar. He acted dishonestly in depositing into his client’s bank account two checks in which a third-party had an interest without notice to that third-party. The suspension is effective on April 3, 2020.  

  • David K. Elliott, Bethalto

    Mr. Elliott, who was licensed in 2010, was suspended for six months and until further order of the Court. After being cited for operating an uninsured motor vehicle without proof of insurance, he altered another individual’s outdated insurance card to falsely reflect that he had insurance for his vehicle prior to the date of the citation. He then produced the altered card to an assistant state’s attorney at the court hearing relating to that citation and falsely represented that he had insurance coverage on the date of the citation. In reliance on his statements, the citation was dismissed.

  • Al-Haroon Bin Asad Husain, Lincolnwood

    Mr. Husain, who was licensed in 2000, was suspended for one year for making false statements to a court. While practicing before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Mr. Husain systematically altered documents, reused the signatures of debtors, signed documents on behalf of debtors contrary to Bankruptcy Code requirements, and caused clients to sign incomplete or inaccurate documents that were then filed with the court. The suspension is effective on April 3, 2020.

  • Steven Sam Koukios, Chicago

    Mr. Koukios, who was licensed in 1986, was suspended for 90 days. He agreed to represent a married couple in their efforts to evict a tenant, but had not filed the eviction case after approximately six weeks. When the couple asked for information about the case, he fabricated a document that appeared to be an eviction summons showing that a case had been filed and that a court date had been scheduled. He then sent that document to the couple’s adult daughter, knowing that she would share the false information it contained with her parents. The suspension is effective on April 3, 2020.

  • Debbie M. Schell, Des Plaines

    Ms. Schell, who was licensed in 1995, was suspended for 30 days. She agreed to represent a client in a dissolution of marriage matter, failed to file the dissolution petition, and made misrepresentations to her client about the status of the case. The suspension is effective on April 3, 2020.  

  • Daniel O. Stamm, Chicago

    Mr. Stamm, who was licensed in 2007, was suspended for one year and until he makes restitution in the amount of $20,881, plus interest, to a former client. Beginning in 2010, Mr. Stamm represented a client and her husband in various matters, and while handling those matters, dishonestly converted over $25,000 belonging to the client. The suspension is effective on April 3, 2020.  


  • Jeffrey Andrew James Millar, St. Charles, Missouri

    Mr. Millar was licensed in Missouri in 1999 and in Illinois in 2000. The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the Supreme Court of Missouri issued a written admonition to him after he was found guilty of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of prescription drugs, resulting in a car accident in Missouri. The Supreme Court of Illinois imposed reciprocal discipline and reprimanded him in Illinois.


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