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Inconclusive Results

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic tests are giving consumers unprecedented, inexpensive access to their genetic predispositions. As a result, state and federal governments have had to grapple with consumer-protection laws and private companies with airtight contracts and clear, conspicuous disclosures. Governments have an interest in robust privacy protections for consumers, yet companies that offer DTC genetic-testing services want to protect their brand and the integrity of their products. The general public stands to benefit significantly from the scientific advancements based on the study of genetic material. But in light of this rapidly growing landscape, what do our client patients, providers, and companies need to know? In her June Illinois Bar Journal article, “Inconclusive Results,” Haley J. Guion provides a history of DTC genetic testing, identifies key stakeholders in the genetic testing market, and outlines corresponding legal principles at issue for these players.

Read more in the June issue of the Illinois Bar Journal.

Posted on June 22, 2020 by Rhys Saunders
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