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ISBA Encourages Attorneys to Volunteer as Election Poll Workers, Judges

The state of Illinois is facing a potential shortage of poll workers and judges for the upcoming November election due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poll workers and judges play an essential role in ensuring that precincts stay open and elections are fairly held. To help sustain this foundational aspect of our democracy, the Illinois State Bar Association is encouraging interested members to consider volunteering as poll workers and judges during the upcoming election.

To learn more about how you can volunteer, contact your local county clerk’s office. 







Posted on September 17, 2020 by Rhys Saunders
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Could ISBA do a little of the leg work for us?  Can you provide the website links to the specific location for Poll Judges at each county?  Then this could be a better resource.  E.g.:

Also, where are we most needed?  Can we serve as election judges in another state?  Poll watchers?

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