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Cloud Cover

When law firms all over the U.S. began teleworking due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many did not have methods in place to share confidential information electronically. Many law firms continue to worry about storing client information in the cloud. We know that lawyers may ethically use the cloud and that technology will continue to advance. Therefore, says Victor M. Zamora in his January Illinois Bar Journal article, “Cloud Cover,” it is time for lawyers to get familiar with and learn how cloud computing works and understand the benefits and risks before choosing a cloud computing service to store data. Zamora relies on the Illinois State Bar Association’s Professional Conduct Advisory Opinion No. 16-06, which states that lawyers may use cloud-based services provided that “the lawyer takes reasonable measures to ensure that the client information remains confidential and is protected from breaches,” and other best practices for guidance on starting out in the cloud.

Read more in the January issue of the Illinois Bar Journal.

Posted on January 11, 2021 by Rhys Saunders
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