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Well-Being Week in Law De-Stress at Your Desk Program

To celebrate Well-Being Week in Law, the ISBA is offering a complimentary live yoga program to the first 500 registrants, plus access to four additional on-demand de-stress at your desk classes.

Register for the Virtual Wellbeing Box: Destress At Your Desk. You'll receive a daily email starting Monday, May 3 to help you feel better at work.

Here is the schedule of events:

  • MONDAY, MAY 3: Desk + Chair Yoga Class (45-min live streamed, 2pm CT) | Limited to the first 500 registrants
  • TUESDAY, MAY 4: Low Back Love (10-min video)
  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 5: Shoulder Softener (10-min video)
  • THURSDAY, MAY 6: Wrist Reset (10-min video)
  • FRIDAY, MAY 7: Self-Acupressure for Relaxation (10-min video)
Posted on April 27, 2021 by Rhys Saunders
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Member Comments (2)

I registered for this program this morning, but did not receive a confirmation. Please advise. Thank you.

I registered as well, and did not receive a confirmation.  Not even in my Spam folder.

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