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Are Mindfulness & Meditation Relevant for Lawyers?

In his August Illinois Bar Journal article, “Are Mindfulness & Meditation Relevant for Lawyers?”, retired attorney Jeffrey H. Bunn asks what exactly are mindfulness and meditation? How can they impact the daily practice of law? When and where do we meditate? How long do we need to meditate? And how often do we need to do it? His answers to these and other questions make the case that mindfulness and meditation can help attorneys better manage their thoughts and emotions in a variety of situations that lawyers encounter every day involving difficult clients; unpleasant work peers; contentious opposing counsel; or challenging judges, arbitrators, and mediators.

Read the article Are Mindfulness & Meditation Relevant for Lawyers? in the August issue of the Illinois Bar Journal.

Posted on August 9, 2021 by Timothy A. Slating
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