The Wi-Fi Witness

In May 2020, the Illinois Supreme Court endorsed videoconferencing technology in civil trials. In his July Illinois Bar Journal article, “The Wi-Fi Witness,” Michael Adler recalls how he implemented this new technology in a 2021 medical malpractice case. Adler found that it is more cost effective, makes witness scheduling and trial preparation easier, and is more effective than prerecorded evidence depositions. Whether COVID-19 is still around or long gone, Adler writes, live remote witnesses via videoconferencing is a great tool for any Illinois trial attorney.

In fact, in his 2021 trial, both sides had multiple out-of-state witnesses and agreed to remote live witnesses. The judge had no qualms either. Read on to learn how it all worked out.

Read the July Illinois Bar Journal article, "The Wi-Fi Witness." 

Posted on July 25, 2022 by Celeste Antoinette Niemann
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cost-effectiveness does not answer the issue of the visual context of bias, persons are not machines what about the emotions and facial expressions for the judge and jury

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