Pretrial Implementation Task Force to Host Town Hall Meeting on November 17

The Illinois Supreme Court Pretrial Implementation Task Force (Task Force) will host a town hall meeting on November 17 at noon via Zoom. The topic of this town hall meeting will be Modification, Violations and Revocation of Pretrial Release.

Town hall meetings update stakeholders and the community on the work of the Task Force as it helps jurisdictions prepare for the changes coming when the PFA goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2023, and provides the opportunity to answer questions regarding the PFA. The Task Force was established in 2020 by the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Hon. Robbin Stuckert (ret.) serves as Chair.

The PFA, legislation passed as part of Public Act 101-652, abolishes the use of cash bail in pretrial release decisions as of Jan. 1 and establishes new processes for pretrial release and detention decisions.  

Task Force resources including flowcharts and considerations, as well as video of previous town halls, a schedule of upcoming town halls, and a list of Task Force members and subcommittees, can be found here. Prior town halls have covered topics such as an introduction to the PFA, release by citation, release from custody, pretrial assessment tools, and first appearance hearings.

Any questions regarding the town halls and the work of the Task Force can be sent to

Posted on November 18, 2022 by Timothy A. Slating
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