State and Local Government Incentives for Rebuilding Mixed-Use Residential/Commercial Projects

Don’t miss this comprehensive look at what the government is doing to rebuild mixed-use real estate projects in our pandemic and post-pandemic world.

Real estate attorneys, civil practice lawyers, criminal justice practitioners, and construction law attorneys who attend this online program will better understand: how the pandemic negatively impacted the financial stability of businesses and the abandonment of residential units; the opportunities that exist in our communities for revival and redevelopment; how state and local government entities can encourage revitalization in our struggling communities by offering financial support and other economic incentives; how zoning and land restrictions vs. incentives can play a role in attracting new development and redevelopment activities; the importance of addressing the wide spectrum of incomes within our communities when considering the affordability of new residential units within these varied neighborhoods; how “gentrification” may result in some mixed income and minority communities from development projects that ignore the range of incomes in those areas; how the pandemic and quarantines impacted changes in the economic status of communities – and whether new mixed-use residential/commercial projects can have the effect of gentrifying the community or revitalizing the community; the types of incentives and funding being offered by the state, counties, cities, and villages that may encourage developers to consider new projects in particular communities; how to balance construction projects that would revitalize a community with the uprooting of minorities living and working on those areas where mixed-use projects would be situated; and much more.

Live Webcast
Friday, January 13, 2023
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

1.5 hours MCLE credit

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