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Practice HQ

Practice HQ Resource: New Firm Technology Checklist

Posted on April 15, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

In the digital age, technology is the cornerstone of any law firm.

With a myriad of options on the table, it’s important to ensure that you don’t forget anything when opening a new practice.

Practice HQ Resource: How to Make Your Website the Hub of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Posted on March 19, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

With nearly 75 percent of consumers searching for an attorney online, it is important to make your website the hub of a successful legal marketing strategy.

What makes the difference between a great website and an ineffective one? It starts with planning.

Practice HQ Resource: Eight Proven Steps to Double Your Referrals

Posted on March 12, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

For many law firms, referrals are an integral part of obtaining new clients. But it takes time to build a referral base, which must be cultivated through meaningful relationships with reliable sources.

The ISBA’s whitepaper on increasing a firm’s referrals provides five fundamental keys to accomplishing that goal. They include tips such as not trying to be a generalist, actively building relationships with five to 10 new referral sources each year, keeping in touch on a regular basis, rewarding people for referring clients, and not relying on just other attorneys for referrals.

Practice HQ Resource: Closing a Law Firm Checklist

Posted on March 4, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

Closing a law firm can be a daunting task.

There are many considerations attorneys must take into account, and the process itself takes time due to obligations to protect client information as well as the interest of the clients.

Practice HQ Resource: The Case for Adding Document Assembly Technology to Your Templates

Posted on February 21, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

It’s no secret that a document assembly system is a cure-all for document-intensive areas of practice.

Attorneys in practices such as estate planning, real estate, contracts, banking, and employee benefits can greatly benefit from automating their document production process. It’s one of the few technologies that can actually revolutionize the way you work.

Practice HQ Resource: Managing Distractions in the 21st Century

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

Studies show that the average American worker is interrupted every two to three minutes while on the job. At that rate, it’s a wonder anyone can finish daily tasks, let alone major projects.

The ISBA’s whitepaper on managing distractions in a digital age provides four fronts to address distractions and how to overcome them in the workplace. Those fronts include promoting physical and mental health, putting value on workplace and organizational health, creating a time, task and email methodology, and better understanding attention- and distraction-management skills.

Practice HQ Resource: Email Etiquette Checklist

Posted on January 22, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

It’s a common source of workplace anxiety: Did you inadvertently carbon copy the wrong person on that email? Or was a critical piece of information left out that clarifies your position?

In the fast-paced modern work environment, emails are often sent in a hurry. That’s why it’s especially important that attorneys ensure their email communications are concise, pleasant, and accurate.

Practice HQ Resource: Crisis Communications Planning Checklist

Posted on January 15, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

Having a crisis communications plan in place is imperative for all businesses—and especially so for law firms.

Such plans should incorporate both internal and external communications, so that employees are kept abreast of what is happening and to ensure that firms can control the public conversation.

Practice HQ Resource: A Guide to Marketing Your Law Firm on Facebook

Posted on January 7, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

Social media is a valuable tool that can drive traffic to a firm’s website.

For solos and small firms, the goal of social media—and Facebook in particular—is lead generation and business development. To do this, attorneys need to build targeted relationships, create and share valuable content, and consistently add value.

Practice HQ Resource: Improving Communications Through Technology and Policy

Posted on January 2, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

What better way to start the New Year than by evaluating the way you communicate with clients?

A recent American Bar Association study reported that 17 percent of all malpractice claims are the result of a poor attorney-client relationship, and nearly 75 percent of all grievances filed against lawyers are the result of poor communication.