2011 Articles

Attorney General issues opinions By Lynn Patton October 2011 A summary of recent opinions of interest to government lawyers.
Attorney General issues opinions By Lynn Patton March 2011 A summary of informal opinions that are of interest to government attorneys.
Don’t fear the reaper By Kevin Lovellette & Mary Jane Adkins June 2011 As government attorneys, we should have the ability to speak with a Coroner to gather all the information necessary to properly defend or prosecute on behalf of the People.
Freedom of Information Act—Recent & proposed changes By Stephan Roth & Jeannie Romas-Dunn June 2011 A look at some of the more significant changes made to FOIA in the last legislative cycle.
From the Chair By Mary L. Milano October 2011 An introduction from Committee Chair Mary Milano.
Got spare time? Need a break from brief writing? Check out these legal blogs—and have fun browsing! By Sharon L. Eiseman March 2011 A listing of popular legal blogs.
Governor signs Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act changes October 2011 A summary of the new Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act amendments.
In-sites October 2011 Resources for practitioners interested in government transparency and efficiency.
In-sites June 2011 Some resources for those interested in e-discovery.
National Labor Relations Board Chairman Wilma Liebman: Forging a new process By Melissa M. Olivero March 2011 On January 20, 2009, Wilma Liebman was appointed as the 20th Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board by President Obama, only the second woman to serve in this capacity since the creation of the Board in its current form.
Right to speak comes to Illinois By Thomas L. Ciecko March 2011 A new law amends the Open Meetings Act to allow any person the opportunity to address a public body at a public meeting.
Someone you should know: Debbie Simpson, Assistant Attorney General By Ronald A. Rascia March 2011 As someone who has devoted her career to government work and public service, Debbie Simpson is someone you should know.
Someone you should know: Lisle A. Stalter, Assistant State’s Attorney, Lake County By Pablo Eves October 2011 Get to know Lisle Stalter, a Civil Assistant State's Attorney in the Lake County State's Attorney's Office and a past chair of the Standing Committee on Government Lawyers.
Who does the Attorney General represent in child support cases? By Lawrence A. Nelson June 2011 The law is clear: in child support cases, the Attorney General has one and only one client—the Department of Healthcare and Family Services.