2019 Articles

A Data Breach: Now What? By Jenifer L. Johnson August 2019 With all that information in the hands of governmental entities, government lawyers must know the appropriate legal steps to take in the event of a data breach.
FOIA Corner: Two of the Illinois Supreme Court’s recent decisions concerning the Illinois Freedom of Information Act By Barbara Goeben April 2019 Within the past year, the Illinois Supreme Court issued two holdings concerning the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, granting split decisions: one for non-disclosure and one for disclosure.
FOIA: ‘Deliberative Process Exception’ Claimed by Cook County Assessor on Property Assessment Data By Patrick Driscoll, Jr. August 2019 An summary of Chicago Tribune Company v. Cook County Assessor’s Office.
Legislator Pay Freezes Ruled Unconstitutional By Robert P. Osgood August 2019 In July, the circuit court found the practice of prohibiting annual cost-of-living raises and imposing furloughs violated the Illinois Constitution.
A look at the process for removing judges in Illinois By Robert P. Osgood April 2019 Removing a judge can be a difficult process.
Municipal Employment Considerations Regarding Adult Recreational Cannabis By Marissa Spencer November 2019 With the passage of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, there are certain considerations that all communities will need to address related to recreational cannabis.
P.A. 100-746: Illinois Public Library District Act amendment By Phillip Lenzini February 2019 Effective January 1, three new subsections amended the Illinois Public Library District Act.
P.A. 101-221: Workplace Transparency Act By Phillip Lenzini November 2019 A summary of significant changes in Illinois law that will go into effect on December 1 as a result of the Workplace Transparency Act.