2013 Articles

Becoming more aware: A few tips on keeping you and your family safe By Lisle A. Stalter June 2013 The author shares some of the tips she learned after her office recently participated in a safety training class.
Comments from the Chair By Sharon L. Eiseman June 2013 A message from out-going Committee Chair Sharon Eiseman.
Did you get a new iPhone or iPad for Christmas? By Hon. Steven L. Nordquist March 2013 A look at some free apps that can simplify your legal—and non-legal—life.
Does the Savings Statute save the day? By Kevin Lovellette June 2013 In situations where the Illinois Savings Statute allows a plaintiff one year to re-file a cause of action, this time limit may not be tolled by a pending appeal.
Five quick questions with Jason R. Boltz, General Counsel of the Illinois Department of Public Health By Paul Thompson June 2013 These questions and answers provide insight into the Illinois Department of Public Health.
From the Chair By Eileen M. Geary September 2013 A message from Committee Chair Eileen Geary.
How county boards of review can assist the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board By Pablo Eves June 2013 Some practical guidance for county Boards of Review, and the attorneys who represent them, in addressing current assessment complaints and future appeals.
ISBA presents cable programs on affordable housing and tenants’ rights June 2013 Learn more about the two important cable programs the ISBA recently presented.
Legislative summary of the 98th General Assembly September 2013 A summary of Public Acts 98-001 through 98-300 that may be of interest to the government bar.
The new age of privacy: A surprising amount of personal information may already be available to prosecutors By Patrick T. Driscoll & Douglas N. Marsh March 2013 Thanks to the staggering amount of information your cell phone generates, collects, stores, and transmits, even when you aren’t using it, silence has never been more deafening.
The pension conundrum delivers even more constitutionality issues as legislators are denied their pay By Tiffany Elking September 2013 On July 10, 2013, Governor Quinn used his line-item veto power on an appropriations bill, House Bill 214, to eliminate General Assembly members’ salaries, effectively vetoing legislator’s paychecks, until a pension reform bill is signed into law. In response, Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Michael Madigan have filed a joint lawsuit against Governor Quinn, challenging the constitutionality of his line-item veto.
Volunteer opportunities at the City of Chicago Law Department draw a highly experienced labor and employment lawyer By Eileen M. Geary June 2013 Learn more about Dick Schnadig, who works as a volunteer attorney in the Labor Division of Chicago's Law Department.
You can close the door, but… By Thomas L. Ciecko March 2013 Public bodies can close the door to discuss litigation, but the guidelines of the Open Meetings Act must be followed, as the exceptions to having a meeting open to the public are strictly construed against closed meetings.