2016 Articles

2016 Roz Kaplan Government Service Award recipient Allen J. Spellberg By Marylou Lowder Kent December 2016 Allen J. Spellberg, the 2016 recipient of the ISBA Roz Kaplan Government Service Award, truly exemplifies the spirit of the award.
7th Circuit E-Discovery Pilot Program”: Mediation Program April 2016 The Seventh Circuit E-Discovery Pilot Program has a new mediation program, free to litigants and specializing in e-discovery issues in small cases.
Apps for lawyers January 2016 A look at some apps for your device that may help in your practice.
Emotional support animals on campus By Robert L. Miller June 2016 While requests for emotional support animals on campuses are not new, the frequency and variety of these requests has been growing over the last several years.
From the Chair By Karen Dimond October 2016 A message from Committee Chair Karen Dimond.
From the Chair By Marylou Lowder Kent January 2016 A message from Committee Chair Marylou Lowder Kent.
Government organizations as clients By Paul Thompson December 2016 The Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct of 2010 address the role of in-house or contract counsel for clients that are not individuals, but are instead organizational entities.
How substantial is substantial? Conflicts of interest and government attorneys By John R. Schleppenbach June 2016 The Model Rules of Professional Conduct provide that “a lawyer who has formerly served as a public officer or employee of the government . . . shall not . . . represent a client in connection with a matter in which the lawyer participated personally and substantially as a public officer or employee, unless the appropriate government agency gives its informed consent, confirmed in writing, to the representation.”
Juvenile offenders in the adult system—How Public Act 99-258 changed when minors are prosecuted under the criminal laws of Illinois By Ji Un Saw April 2016 A look at the changes made as a result of Public Act 99-258, effective January 1st of this year.
Legislative summary of the 99th General Assembly October 2016 A summary of Public Acts 99-496 through 99-699 which may be of interest to the government bar.
Legislative summary of the 99th General Assembly January 2016 The following is a summary of Public Acts 99-101 through 99-200, which may be of interest to the government bar.
Local governmental lobbying By Paul Thompson January 2016 If as a government lawyer you are advising public officials on the restrictions placed on lobbyist activities, please review any other local government limitations placed upon this profession.
New overdose prevention requirements for Illinois first responders By Jennifer Bannon April 2016 Among the new requirements, all State and local government agencies that employ law enforcement officers or firefighters must carry opioid antagonists.
Open Meetings Act – A companion resource list By Peter J. Orlowicz December 2016 Informative links to online resources regarding the Open Meetings Act.
Private communications and FOIA: Policy questions in search of answers By Ruth A. Schlossberg April 2016 Are all e-mails-- of anyone associated with a public body that relate in any way to public business-- subject to FOIA regardless of the device or e-mail address from which they were sent?
Save the Date: June 2016 The ISBA’s Committee on Government Lawyers has created a new CLE program focusing on the Open Meetings Act, scheduled for October 13th, 2016 in Springfield.
Smoke N Stuff v. City of Chicago: Does the One-Act, One-Crime Rule Apply to Proceedings at Municipal Administrative Hearings? By Patrick T. Driscoll, Jr. January 2016 Smoke N Stuff v. City of Chicago serves as a reminder that license revocation is a possible sanction even when someone’s business is at stake.
Some interesting blawgs for the Illinois government lawyer By Barbara Goeben June 2016 The following are some blawgs which are of particular interest to government lawyers practicing in Illinois.
What’s app? December 2016 Are you aware of these apps that help you with e-discovery?
What’s app? October 2016 A look at some jury apps that may help you in your trial life-- by allowing you to input juror responses during voir dire, make a seating chart, watch juror responses and note-taking, and assist in striking jurors.