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May 2017Volume 105Number 5Pages 1-52

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Illinois Law Update

Administrative agencies should clarify the meaning of service date in notice provisions; appellate courts lack jurisdiction to review temporary orders for support, maintenance; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Legal Technology | By
Ed Finkel
Document management is so much easier in the digital age (think searchability) - and so much harder (think security). But with mandatory e-filing coming soon to Illinois, the stakes for getting it right have never been higher.
Civil Practice | By
Amy L. Friederich
Defending a client against a pro se plaintiff is easy, right? In fact, these cases have their own set of challenges and shouldn't be taken lightly. Here are some strategies for dealing with them.
Criminal Law | By
Bradley Alan Fuller
As the law has gotten tougher on domestic violence, defendants cling to tired myths about these cases. Defense lawyers should act quickly to lower clients' unreasonable expectations and counsel them against self-defeating behavior.
Employment Discrimination | By
Lori L. Kuchmay
After the seventh circuit's decision in Ortiz, attorneys no longer need to divide evidence of employment discrimination into subgroups and should look instead at the big picture.
Real Estate
If a drone flies over your backyard, is it trespassing? Invading your privacy? Do you have the right to shoot it down?
Landowners are protected by statute against suits for negligent snow removal, but the liability shield doesn't extend to everything snow and ice related, the Illinois Supreme Court rules.
Family Law
Q. If a divorcing parent is taking a child out of the country, does he or she have to fill out a special form?
Criminal Law
Q. A soon-to-be released sex offender wants to return to his home, which is near a park. Do sex-offender residency restrictions allow that?


President's Page | By
Vincent F. Cornelius
Ethnic and minority bars help nurture lawyers who in turn serve the broader profession.
Biz&Tek | By
Jeffery R. Schoenberger
Tips for making the most of your Mac's default email application.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Jesse Bowman
Like Ravel, Fastcase offers a robust case law visualization tool. And like all of Fastcase's core features, it's free to ISBA members.
Lawyer Lincoln's Legacy | By
Ron Spears
Roger Billings
Lincoln's decision to represent a slaveholder against slaves seeking their freedom is controversial to this day.
The ISBA Academy of Illinois Lawyers inducted its 2017 class.