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Planning to Succeed By Helen W. Gunnarsson November 2011 Article, Page 560 How many lawyers have a strategic plan, complete with a mission, goals, action points, and a system for measuring success? Here's why you should be one of them.
Helping Employers Respond to Social Security Number “No-Match” Letters By Alisa B. Arnoff August 2004 Article, Page 429 Here's how lawyers can help employer clients protect themselves from actions by the feds and employees.
Serving as Court-Appointed Receiver for a Missing Lawyer: A Step-by-Step Guide By John Cesario August 2004 Article, Page 425 When a sole practitioner dies; Rule 776 allows the court to appoint a receiver to wind up the practice. Here's how.
Applying the Frye Standard to Expert Testimony; A Guide for Lawyers and Judges By Hon. Robert J. Steigmann July 2004 Article, Page 363 Here's an appellate court justice's framework for analyzing Frye issues.
Challenging Property Seizures Under Illinois Civil Asset Forfeiture Law/Raising an Excessive Fines Clause Challenge By Hon. William James Haddad and James C. Murray, Jr. July 2004 Article, Page 365 Illinois law gives the state broad power to seize drug and crime assets; here's how to mount a challenge.
When Can Landlords Refuse Tenant Requests to Sublease? By Brian K. Kozminski June 2004 Article, Page 315 A look at a landlord's obligation to be "reasonable" when a tenant wants to sublet.
Mechanics Liens and Slander of Title: The Case for Absolute Privilege By Michael G. Cortina May 2004 Article, Page 267 The author argues that mechanics-lien filers are protected from slander of title claims by the privilege for statements made during litigation.
Representing a Creditor in an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors By Bruce C. Scalambrino May 2004 Article, Page 263 Here's how to look out for creditors' interests in a common law "ABC."
The Case for Allowing Expert Assistance at Depositions By Leon I. Finkel and Lena Goretsky Winters March 2004 Article, Page 151 The authors argue that courts should routinely allow attorneys to bring retained experts to help depose opponents.
When Can You Retain Client Files for Failure to Pay Fees? By Patrick Sean Ginty February 2004 Article, Page 97 While retaining liens can be effective, you should understand their scope and effect before you use them.
A New Look for Closings Comes to Local Title Offices By James K. Weston January 2004 Article, Page 43 A new law allows a title insurance company to file a certificate of release for any paid-off mortgage.
Estate Planning for Twenty-First Century Families By Janet L. Grove December 2003 Article, Page 631 In this age of blended families and test-tube babies, the familiar estate-planning boilerplate needs revision.
The Exception Makes the Rule: Liens on Workers’ Comp Claims By Michael S. Feist December 2003 Article, Page 627 The rule is that workers' comp claims aren't subject to liens. The exceptions are many.
Limitation-of-Liability Clauses in Accountants’ Engagement Letters: Are They Enforceable? By Thomas F. Falkenberg November 2003 Article, Page 573 The answer is generally "yes" in Illinois.
Neglecting Mandatory Asbestos Reinspections Could Lead to Liability for Schools By Craig T. Liljestrand November 2003 Article, Page 571 A review of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act's mandatory reinspection requirements.
Expungement of Juvenile Records By Terence M. Madsen October 2003 Article, Page 523 How to help your juvenile-offender client wipe the slate clean.
Overtime Overview: A Look at the Proposed Overtime Rules By Joseph E. Gumina and Michael J. Pulcanio October 2003 Article, Page 521 A thumbnail sketch of the Department of Labor proposal, with a look at how the proposed regulations might affect lawyer-employers.
Illinois’ New Estate-Tax Law By David A. Berek September 2003 Article, Page 465 An overview of Illinois' newly "decoupled' estate-tax scheme.
Locating Elusive Witnesses: An Introduction By Peggy Shapiro and Perry Myers July 2003 Article, Page 357 Simple, low- or no-cost tools for finding witnesses who don't want to be found.
The Art of Direct Examination By Terrence J. Lavin June 2003 Article, Page 305 A trial lawyer's guide to effectively examining experts and plaintiffs.
Does People v Morgan Invite Wrongful Convictions? By Larry R. Wells June 2003 Article, Page 307 The author argues that the Morgan one-good-count rule turns any general guilty verdict into a potential due-process violation.
New Post-9/11 Registration Procedure for Foreign Workers, Students, and Visitors By Robert S. White May 2003 Article, Page 253 Failure to meet the requirements of the new procedure could lead to deportation and other unpleasant consequences.
Determining Fair Value for Minority Shareholders Who Sue for Corporate Wrongdoing By John T. Schriver and Paul J. Much April 2003 Article, Page 199 Illinois minority shareholders can sue to have their shares bought out for "fair value"; but what does that mean?
Constitutional Challenges to Municipal Administrative Adjudicatory Systems By Angela R. Hall March 2003 Article, Page 139 Do they succeed? It's possible but not likely, this author writes.
Illinois Mechanics Lien Questions and Answers By Samuel H. Levine March 2003 Article, Page 137 A quick Q&A guide to the Act and to mechanics liens generally, with links to online forms.
Cross-Examination: The Trial Lawyer’s Search Engine By Joseph B. McDonnell December 2002 Article, Page 657 Cross-examination tips for beginning lawyers.
A Guide to EEOC Mediations By Mary B. Manzo November 2002 Article, Page 607 Pointers about the EEOC program from the Chicago office's ADR coordinator.
A Personal Guide to Mediation Training Programs By Hon. Charles R. Winkler November 2002 Article, Page 609 A program attendee reports on a pair of mediation training programs.
The “Religious Purposes” Property Tax Exemption and the First Amendment By James W. Hilliard October 2002 Article, Page 549 Here's how taxing authorities can determine whether property is being used for religious purposes without impermissibly inquiring into religious beliefs.
Forum Shopping (the Good Kind) in Custody and Guardianship Cases By M. Lee Witte and Margaret C. Benson September 2002 Article, Page 481 In custody cases, like most others, you'll increase your odds of success if you choose your forum wisely.