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From Office Sharing to Letterhead: The Ethics of Holding Yourself Out to the Public By Deane Beth Brown July 2001 Article, Page 369 A review of the ethical issues facing lawyers as they communicate the nature of their practices.
Illinois Litigator’s Guide to Naming Defendants in Collection Suits By Scott Michael Alexander July 2001 Article, Page 373 Properly naming your defendant can mean the difference between collecting a judgment and making a worthless claim.
The Seventh Circuit Clarifies Employers’ Duties Under the ADA By Gregory H. Andrews June 2001 Article, Page 313 Find out how recent opinions have refined and redefined the ADA.
Special Appearance Revisited: Preserving a Jurisdictional Challenge Without an Evidentiary Hearing By Edward S. Margolis June 2001 Article, Page 317 Section 2-301 of the Code of Civil Procedure may just be the answer.
Goodbye to the “Same-Part-of-the-Body” Rule By Saul Ferris May 2001 Article, Page 261 A post-mortem of the Voykin case, which abrogated the rule.
Must Illinois Employers Cover Infertility Treatments Under the ADA? By R. Kirk Williams May 2001 Article, Page 263 The answer: for employees in Illinois, yes; for employees in other states, probably not.
A Conflicts Primer for General Practitioners By Karrieann Couture Kroeger April 2001 Article, Page 199 Common conflicts and how to avoid them.
Defeating a Post-Deposition Affidavit By John M. McGarry April 2001 Article, Page 203 How to defeat a post-deposition affidavit that comes in response to a motion for summary judgment.
Administrative Adjudication Offers First-Class Justice By James M. Reilly March 2001 Article, Page 147 Municipal administrative adjudication works, says the director of Chicago's Department of Administrative Hearings.
Using Federal Rule 68 to Spur Settlement By Ian H. Fisher March 2001 Article, Page 143 Rule 68 can require plaintiffs to pay defendants' costs for refusing a judgment offer.
Reporting Elder Abuse: Not a Requirement but an Option for Lawyers By Lee Beneze February 2001 Article, Page 93 Lawyers aren't required to report elder abuse, but they enjoy statutory protection if they do.
Requests to Admit; What Are “Ultimate Facts” and “Legal Conclusions”? By Lora D. Kadlec February 2001 Article, Page 95 Distinguishing between "ultimate facts" and "legal conclusions" for requests to admit remains a difficult but important job.
Defending Transportation Cases: A Pretrial Preparation Primer By James F. McCluskey and E. Angelo Spyratos January 2001 Article, Page 41 Defense lawyers: think "trial" the minute you get a case.
Retained Experts’ Opinions in Medical Malpractice Cases By Terrence J. Lavin January 2001 Article, Page 39 Rule 213 pointers for med-mal lawyers.
Distinguishing Between Securities Accounts and Deposit Accounts Under the UCC By René Ghadimi December 2000 Article, Page 719 This article discusses the important and sometimes elusive distinction between the two accounts.
Make Your Real Estate Practice Profitable Again By Margaret A. Bennett December 2000 Article, Page 717 Increase the efficiency and profitability of your real estate practice.
Indian Law for Illinois Practitioners By Jennifer L. Nutt Carleton November 2000 Article, Page 659 An outline of Indian-law issues that any lawyer might encounter.
A Beginner’s Guide to Information Security and The Legal Profession By Frank P. Andreano October 2000 Article, Page 592 The basics of protecting e-mail and electronic information from interception.
No-Fault Attendance Policies: How Employers Can Avoid FMLA Violations By Daniel S. Alcorn October 2000 Article, Page 597 Help employers design an attendance policy that complies with the Family and Medical Leave Act.
Postnuptial Agreements in Illinois By Laura Caldwell August 2000 Article, Page 473 A review of the Illinois case law.
Preparing Your Clients for Parenting and Financial Mediation By Don C. Hammer and Debra Sudduth August 2000 Article, Page 469 How to help your client make the most of mediation.
Drawing the Boundaries of Negligent-Hiring Claims By Jeffrey A. Blevins and Gregory J. Schroedter July 2000 Article, Page 413 The first district recently held that negligent-hiring plaintiffs must show a nexus between the harm they suffered and the defendant's breach.
Senior Legal Assistance Services: A Well-Kept Secret By Lee Beneze July 2000 Article, Page 411 Too few attorneys know about Illinois' federally funded senior legal assistance services program.
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle-Injury Litigation By Thomas M. Harris July 2000 Article, Page 409 Don't treat your motorcycle-injury suit like just another automobile case.
First Things First: Evaluating a Nursing Home Case By Steven M. Levin and David H. Brinton June 2000 Article, Page 349 Pointers on deciding whether to pursue, refer, or reject a nursing home case.
Relevant Conduct and the Law of Conspiracy By David G. Duggan June 2000 Article, Page 351 The problems posed by the federal sentencing guidelines for defendants charged with liability for the criminal acts of others.
Effective Closing Arguments in DUI Jury Cases By Donald J. Ramsell May 2000 Article, Page 285 Tried-and-true techniques for DUI "breath" and "refusal" trials.
Employee Noncompete and Nondisclosure Restrictive Covenants By Paul R. Kitch April 2000 Article, Page 230 A summary of Illinois law governing noncompete restrictive covenants, with tips for employers.
Illinois’ Court-Annexed Mandatory Arbitration: A Review of the Cases By Timothy W. Kelly and Amy L. Mobley March 2000 Article, Page 150 A practitioner's guide to recent Illinois mandatory-arbitration decisions.
An Illinois Litigator’s Guide to Finding and Using Experts By Terrence J. Lavin, John L. Nisivaco, and Martin A. Dolan March 2000 Article, Page 168 Experts: should you find one and how?