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Municipal Administrative Courts: Speedy Justice at What Cost? By Stanley R. Kaminski January 2000 Article, Page 46 Illinois’ new municipal administrative adjudication law raises concerns that the state has gone too far.
Illinois Judicial Circuit Court Rules 1999: A Working Bibliography By Heija B. Ryoo December 1999 Article, Page 669 Here's where to find print and online versions of circuit court rules in Illinois, along with contact information for Illinois' 22 circuit courts.
Working with Older Witnesses By Julie A. Braun November 1999 Column, Page 607 Here's how to meet the special needs of older witnesses and help them testify more effectively.
Jury Selection in Y2K Cases By Rodney R. Nordstrom October 1999 Column, Page 547 The Year 2000 litigation boom is coming soon; here are pointers for picking the right jury for your Y2K client.
Probate and Estate Planning Update for General Practitioners By Donald A. LoBue October 1999 Column, Page 544 An overview of selected recent changes in estate planning law.
Distribution at Divorce of Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, and Disability Awards By Debra DiMaggio and Cindy Huang September 1999 Column, Page 494 The authors note that several Illinois courts have distributed awards for strictly personal damage (i.e., pain and suffering) disproportionately to the injured spouse on divorce even when the cause of action arose during marriage.
The Standard for Changing Child Custody Within Two Years of a Final Order By H. Joseph Gitlin September 1999 Column, Page 492 The author reviews IMDMA section 610 and the applicable cases and argues that custody transfers within two years of a final custody order should be granted only under emergency circumstances.
Dual Eligibles, Medicare, and Medicaid By Lee Beneze and Robyn O’Neill August 1999 Column, Page 434 You may have clients -- elderly or otherwise -- who are eligible to have Medicaid pay a portion of their Medicare costs but aren't taking advantage of the program.
Generation X and Civil Juries By LaDonna Carlton August 1999 Column, Page 436 GenXers are a different breed of jurors than their boomer counterparts.
Opinion Witnesses and Disclosure Under “New” Supreme Court Rule 213 By Lara D. Kadlec July 1999 Column, Page 381 Courts have become more reluctant than ever to let parties deviate from the strict disclosure standards of Rule 213.
Understanding Section 2-619(a)(3) Motions to Dismiss or Stay By Craig M. Bargher June 1999 Column, Page 327 Litigants can use section 2-619(a)(3) to seek stays or dismissals when another cause of action involving the "same parties'' and "same cause'' is pending.
Workers’ Comp Claimants Now Entitlted to Penalties for Wrongful Nonpayment of Medical Bills By James W. Ackerman June 1999 Column, Page 329 The Illinois Supreme Court struck a blow for workers' comp claimants in McMahan v Industrial Commission. This article describes the ruling and its impact.
Confronting Breach of a Settlement Agreement By Robert A. Chapman April 1999 Column, Page 217 What do you do when the other side breaches a settlement agreement? This article reviews your alternatives under Illinois law.
Choosing a Forensic Psychologist By Leslie D. Star March 1999 Column, Page 165 Here's how to size up a prospective (or an opponent's) psychologist-expert.
Litigating Claims Under Lost Insurance Policies in Illinois By Todd Stewart Schenk February 1999 Column, Page 102 A how-to guide to lost-policy lawsuits.
Evidence of Prior Misconduct—When Is It Admissible in a Criminal Case? By Steven A. Greenberg December 1998 Column, Page 694 Here's an overview of state and federal law governing the admission of evidence of prior misconduct.