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The Legal Landscape for Advanced-Practice Nurses: The Nurses’ Perspective By Leatrice E. Schmidt September 2002 Article, Page 485 This article responds to an earlier Journal article on the Advanced Practice Nursing Act.
Representing Home Buyers in Post-Caveat-Emptor Illinois By John O’Rourke August 2002 Article, Page 421 The impact of seller-disclosure law on Illinois residential real-estate practice.
Law Librarians Can Help You Save Money and Do Better Research By Peter A. Hook July 2002 Article, Page 373 You can use a librarian to conduct research more effectively, even if you don't have one on staff.
Ten Questions to Ask Before Taking a Legal-Malpractice Case By David J. Fish July 2002 Article, Page 369 Is it worth it to sue another lawyer? Ask these questions before you say ''yes.''
Document-Retention Policies in the Wake of Enron By David F. Barlett June 2002 Article, Page 317 Find out how a uniform and consistent document-retention policy can protect your clients.
Every Lawyer’s Guide to DUI By Donald J. Ramsell June 2002 Article, Page 311 An overview for lawyers who don't practice DUI law.
A Primer on Eminent Domain By Jack H. Tibbetts June 2002 Article, Page 313 An outline of the procedural requirements and recent cases.
Correspondence from Our Readers May 2002 Column, Page 222 More on liens.
Laying a Proper Foundation for Computer-Generated Demonstrative Evidence By Adrienne W. Albrecht May 2002 Article, Page 261 How do you persuade the court to admit a computer simulation into evidence? A look at the developing law.
Tax Consequences of Settlement in Employment Litigation By Nile J. Williamson May 2002 Article, Page 263 Lawyers should allocate settlement proceeds so their clients can avoid tax—but sometimes it's easier said than done.
Appeal Bonds and Illinois Supreme Court Rule 305 By Carolyn Quinn April 2002 Article, Page 199 Will you need an appeal bond to stay execution of judgment and protect your client's property? This article discusses the process.
Making the Most of Your Oral Argument By Jean M. Prendergast April 2002 Article, Page 207 How to capitalize on your last opportunity to face the court.
Making the Record: Appellate Practice Starts at Trial By Charles P. Goldbert April 2002 Article, Page 195 Steps to take and pitfalls to avoid in making sure that information makes it into the record.
Selecting and Framing the Issues on Appeal: A Powerful Persuasive Tool By Marcia L. McCormick April 2002 Article, Page 203 Issue-selection strategies for appellate lawyers.
New Options at Divorce: Legislation Treats Stock Options as Marital Property By Celia Guzaldo Gamrath March 2002 Article, Page 139 A review of the new law governing the classification and division of stock options upon divorce.
Reporting Your Partners and Associates to the ARDC By Michael L. Shakman, Arthur W. Friedman, and Thomas M. Staunton March 2002 Article, Page 143 What is a lawyer's Himmel obligation to report other lawyers in his or her firm?
Healing-Art Malpractice Report: Must the Reporter be Identified? By David F. Monteleone February 2002 Article, Page 93 This author argues that plaintiffs can ignore the disclosure provisions.
Are Plant-Shutdown Pension Benefits Protected? By Michael F. Tomasek January 2002 Article, Page 43 Federal courts are split on the issue.
Litigation Expenses; Should Attorneys Be Presumed Liable? By John D. Ingram January 2002 Article, Page 41 Professor Ingram argues that attorneys, not clients, should be liable for the fees of third-party providers unless they expressly disclaim.
New DUI, Traffic Laws Stiffen Penalties By Larry A. Davis December 2001 Article, Page 651 Three new acts increase the penalty for driving while revoked and DUI offenses.
Potential Legal Pitfalls in Condominium Development By Brian K. Kozminski December 2001 Article, Page 655 A legal roadmap for Illinois condominium owners.
How to Spot the Client from Hell By Karen J. Dilibert November 2001 Article, Page 591 Learn how to identify the prospective clients you should turn away.
The Attorney-Client Privilege in Director and Shareholder Litigation By Frederick R. Ball October 2001 Article, Page 537 A look at when courts are willing to pierce the attorney-client privilege in director and shareholder litigation.
Voir Dire: Do Parties Have an Absolute Right to Directly Question Prospective Jurors? By Scott D. Lane October 2001 Article, Page 535 In first district civil cases, the answer is yes -- as long as the questioning is "reasonable."
Closed-Circuit Television and Defendants’ Rights in Criminal Courtrooms By Carrie Marche and Jennifer Aiton September 2001 Article, Page 487 The new technology saves money, but does it undermine defendants' constitutional rights?
The De Minimus Rule for Premises-Liability Cases By Timothy J. Harris September 2001 Article, Page 485 The rule protecting property owners is being limited by exceptions.
Attorney-client privilege waived when police reports, containing allegedly privileged statements, were given to testifying expert witnesses; Apprendi concerns are not implicated by court’s imposition of consecutive sentences August 2001 Illinois Law Update, Page 398 On June 1, 2001, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed defendant Michael Wagener's convictions. Wagener appealed his convictions for murder and concealment of homicidal death on two grounds.
Challenging Blood Tests in DUI Prosecutions By Hon. Sheldon A. Harris August 2001 Article, Page 425 A step-by-step guide for the defense.
Park Before You Reverse: A Short Tour of the Reverse-Exchange Process By Scott Nathanson August 2001 Article, Page 427 Reverse exchanges allow real estate buyers to enjoy tax advantages even if they buy their new property before they sell.
When Bad Fences Make Litigious Neighbors: The Illinois Fence Act By Jeffrey A. Mollet August 2001 Article, Page 429 When the boundary fence can't contain the cows, who has to pay to fix it?