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Brown v Board and the ISBA Board By Terrence J. Lavin March 2004 Column, Page 116 Americans are great about celebrating anniversaries. We celebrate the anniversary of heroic or tragic national events. 
On the Stump at the South Suburban Bar By Terrence J. Lavin February 2004 Column, Page 60 The life of your bar president is chockablock with speeches, bar meetings, award ceremonies, and dinner banquets.
Birth of a Career: The Class of 2003 By Terrence J. Lavin January 2004 Column, Page 8 One of the plums of this position as the president of your Illinois State Bar Association is the opportunity to speak to newly admitted attorneys at the swearing-in ceremony conducted by the Illinois Supreme Court.
The Land Beyond I-80 November 2003 Column, Page 542 I grew up in a working-class neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. I was one of eight children.
What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding? By Terrence J. Lavin October 2003 Column, Page 484 The need for civility is one of those constant issues that seem to plague the legal profession. 
Judicial Evaluations and the Spirit of Volunteerism By Terrence J. Lavin September 2003 Column, Page 428 In the months before I assumed the presidency of your Illinois State Bar Association.
A Few Good Mentors By Terrence J. Lavin August 2003 Column, Page 372 Behind every accomplished lawyer is a great mentor. I had Phil Corboy, who was mentored by Jim Dooley.
Membership and Mentorship By Terrence J. Lavin July 2003 Column, Page 324 As I embark on this wonderful journey as your president, I find myself constantly thinking about the people who helped me get to this lofty position.
Health Insurance for ISBA Members By Loren Golden June 2003 Column, Page 272 As I promised in one of my previous President's Pages, the ISBA, at my direction, was going to take a serious look at providing meaningful health insurance for our members.
The Perniciousness of Racism By Loren Golden April 2003 Column, Page 160 I am white. I am concerned about the perniciousness of racism. 
Ad Campaign Promotes Value of ISBA Lawyers By Loren Golden February 2003 Column, Page 56 I'm reminded of the story of the little boy, Tommy, who was 12 years old and hadn't spoken a word since birth.
The Virtual Courtroom By Loren Golden November 2002 Column, Page 576 Continuing on with my ongoing discussion regarding my theme of "Back to the Future," this President's Page will address the ISBA's efforts to make the lawyer's professional life more efficient, more cost effective, more profitable, more client friendly and, yes, more pleasurable.
Back to the Future By Loren Golden September 2002 Column, Page 446 One of my goals during my year as president is to determine whether the ISBA can present a meaningful, competitive health insurance program for our members.
Back to the Future By Loren Golden July 2002 Column, Page 336 It is with not a little trepidation, humility, and excitement that I embark upon my year as president of the Illinois State Bar Association.
Take Pride in Your Profession By Tim Eaton June 2002 Column, Page 280 Justice Felix Frankfurter once said in receiving an award: "Gratitude is one of the least articulate emotions, especially when it is deep.
Putting Family First By Tim Eaton May 2002 Column, Page 224 Jane, Brian, Brent and Amanda; my wife and three children; my family. I have not mentioned them this year in my column.
Appellate Judges and Lawyers: Building the Edifice of Law By Tim Eaton April 2002 Column, Page 166 When we were in law school we learned the basic principles of constitutional, criminal, contract, and tort law by studying opinions written in our state and federal reviewing courts.
125 Years of Making a Difference By Tim Eaton March 2002 Column, Page 112 Eighty-eight lawyers from 37 counties met in the Sangamon County Courthouse in Springfield on January 4, 1877, to formalize the beginning of the Illinois State Bar Association.
A Matter of Trust By Tim Eaton February 2002 Column, Page 60 When I was growing up in Decatur, I had an image of lawyers that has shaped my view of our profession later in life.
Incivility: The Exception, Not the Rule By Tim Eaton January 2002 Column, Page 8 A few years ago, as we finished closing arguments in a trial, my opposing counsel came over, shook my hand, and congratulated me on a job well done. I reciprocated with the same compliment.
The Season for Giving By Tim Eaton December 2001 Column, Page 618 Tis the Season for giving and lawyers will once again give generously of both their time and money to worthwhile causes. We have a proud tradition of responding to the spirit of this season.
Lawyers Give the Gift of Public Service By Tim Eaton November 2001 Column, Page 562 In August we lost a legend in our profession. William G. Clark was a lawyer, a former legislator and legislative leader, a former two-term attorney general and a justice and chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court. Justice Clark's contributions to the legal profession and to all three branches of Illinois government are too numerous to mention.
A (Former) Young Lawyer Remembers By Tim Eaton October 2001 Column, Page 508 Recently I attended the Decatur Bar Association corn roast at Rex Brown's home in Decatur. 
Thank You, Senior Counselors By Tim Eaton September 2001 Column, Page 448 On July 12th, the ISBA honored its 50-year members as senior counselors during a luncheon at The Standard Club.
A Preview of the Year Ahead By Tim Eaton August 2001 Column, Page 392 My theme this year; in the 125th year of the ISBA; is Take Pride in Your Profession
The Fight Against UPL Continues By Tim Eaton July 2001 Column, Page 336 Traditionally, the inaugural President's Page is devoted to the new president's own programs for the coming year or to giving him or her an opportunity to share some personal insights or words of wisdom.
A Year-End Accounting By Herb Franks June 2001 Column, Page 280 The end of the year is a time for an accounting ; what happened that is good, what happened that is not so good.
A President’s Year By Herb Franks May 2001 Column, Page 224 If I seem to boast more than is becoming, my excuse is that I brag for humanity rather than for myself.
Persistence Pays in the Fight Against UPL By Herb Franks April 2001 Column, Page 164 In the struggle between the stone and the water, in time, the water wins. -Chinese proverb      
The ISBA Needs You By Herb Franks January 2001 Column, Page 8 The president of any organization gets an overview of what is happening. This year we are losing two members of our Board of Governors who cannot run again because of age or term limitations.