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ISBA Joins the Effort to Stem Gun Violence By Hon. Russell W. Hartigan December 2017 Column, Page 8 A 16-member ISBA committee will convene stakeholders and promote community planning to address the scourge of gun violence statewide.
The Celtic Tiger Roars Again By Hon. Russell W. Hartigan November 2017 Column, Page 10 Travelers enjoyed a guided tour of the Irish court system on the ISBA's recent trip to Ireland.
Rule of Law’s Importance on Display Worldwide By Hon. Russell W. Hartigan October 2017 Column, Page 8 Recent events from Poland to Turkey to Charlottesville underscore the urgent need to stand up for the rule of law around the world.
Succession Planning Tops a Busy 2017-18 Agenda By Hon. Russell W. Hartigan September 2017 Column, Page 10 Special committees on succession planning, the future of the profession, and gun violence will be among the groups shaping the ISBA agenda this bar year.
New Judges, Lawyers Face Similar Challenges By Hon. Russell W. Hartigan August 2017 Column, Page 10 New judges and lawyers both face obstacles and frustrations. For lawyers especially, ISBA resources can help.
A Running Start By Hon. Russell W. Hartigan July 2017 Column, Page 10 A bar president's work begins months before the installation ceremony.
Lawyers: The Next Generation By Vincent F. Cornelius June 2017 Column, Page 10 Lawyers must be ready to boldly go where no one has gone before.
From Many, One: Ethnic and Minority Bars Enrich Our Legal Community By Vincent F. Cornelius May 2017 Column, Page 8 Ethnic and minority bars help nurture lawyers who in turn serve the broader profession.
A Tale of Two Courts By Vincent F. Cornelius April 2017 Column, Page 10 For all our differences, we lawyers share the experience of a long journey from there to here.
The Truest Test of Democracy By Vincent F. Cornelius March 2017 Column, Page 10 An authority on immigration law weighs in on the president's executive order.
Restraint and the Art of Leadership By Vincent F. Cornelius February 2017 Column, Page 10 Sometimes the truest test of leadership is knowing when to keep silent.
Meet Your ISBA Staff By Vincent F. Cornelius January 2017 Column, Page 11 View ISBA staff members in Springfield and Chicago with this pictorial directory.
Thank You, Bar Presidents By Vincent F. Cornelius December 2016 Column, Page 9 An honor role of bar presidents from throughout the state.
The Journey Thus Far By Vincent F. Cornelius November 2016 Column, Page 10 A late-fall look at 2016-17 projects and priorities.
The Law School Class of 2019 By Vincent F. Cornelius October 2016 Column, Page 10 My visits to three law school orientation sessions left me feeling encouraged about the future of the ISBA and our profession.
Musings About Life Beyond the Law By Vincent F. Cornelius September 2016 Column, Page 10 Most lawyers wonder what another career might be like, while many nonlawyers yearn to join our profession. Whose grass is greener?
Understanding Implicit Bias By Vincent F. Cornelius August 2016 Column, Page 10 The first step in understanding and addressing implicit bias is recognizing that it exists.
Making History By Vincent F. Cornelius July 2016 Column, Page 10 The ISBA's new president on his pioneering role.
Ciao for Now By Umberto S. Davi June 2016 Column, Page 10 A look back at the 2015-16 bar year.
IllinoisBarDocs: Smart Forms for ISBA Members By Umberto S. Davi May 2016 Column, Page 8 The ISBA's affordable library of fully automated legal forms can save you time and money.
A Home Away from Home, Courtesy of ISBA Mutual By Umberto S. Davi April 2016 Column, Page 10 ISBA members can thank an old friend for a new meeting place.
The President’s Club Needs You! By Umberto S. Davi March 2016 Column, Page 12 There's still time to join the 2016 ISBA President's Club and help build a stronger ISBA.
Tax on Legal Services Ahead? Help LAWPAC Help Lawyers By Umberto S. Davi February 2016 Column, Page 10 This will be an important year in Springfield, and LAWPAC needs your help.
Schedule Time for Yourself By Umberto S. Davi January 2016 Column, Page 10 Don't forget to put "having a life" on your calendar.
40 Years and Counting By Umberto S. Davi December 2015 Column, Page 10 Congratulations to Bob Craghead for 40 years of service to the ISBA.
The Many Things Lawyers Can Do By Ralph Cagle November 2015 Column, Page 12 Lawyers are multitalented, multi­dimensional people who use their legal training and skill in a variety of ways.
New Initiatives Help ISBA Members Adapt to a Changing Profession By Umberto S. Davi October 2015 Column, Page 10 ISBA is launching new programs to help lawyers succeed in the face of unprecedented change.
Ready or Not, the Future is Coming By Umberto S. Davi September 2015 Column, Page 10 The ABA meeting was a chance to think big about the future of our profession.
Projects and Priorities for the Year Ahead By Umberto S. Davi August 2015 Column, Page 8 Expanding practice opportunities for law students and launching ISBA legal forms are just two of the items on this year's agenda.
America, the Immigrant’s Dream By Umberto S. Davi July 2015 Column, Page 10 America is a place where a 14-year-old from Sicily has the freedom and opportunity to prosper.