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The Vanishing Attorney/ Client Privilege By Irene F. Bahr October 2006 Column, Page 516 The ISBA must fight to protect this longstanding principle against federal encroachment.
Free Online Research from Fastcase By Irene F. Bahr September 2006 Column, Page 456 This exciting benefit more than repays your dues investment.
Investing in Your Future By Irene F. Bahr August 2006 Column, Page 396 What has ISBA done for you lately, you ask? Here's what.
Strength Through Diversity By Irene F. Bahr July 2006 Column, Page 336 We must strive to promote diversity in our legal system and our association.
Mission Accomplished (No, Really) By Robert K. Downs June 2006 Column, Page 276 A look at the year just ending and the challenges ahead.
Life, Lawyering, and the Bar By Robert K. Downs May 2006 Column, Page 220 We must continue to promote the ideals that drew us to the profession.
Politics and the Bar By Robert K. Downs April 2006 Column, Page 164 When it comes to promoting the rule of law, lawyers should be political animals.
A Two-Year Term for President? By Robert K. Downs March 2006 Column, Page 108 An update on what has happened and is happening during ISBA's FY '05-'06.
Serving Members and the Public By Robert K. Downs February 2006 Column, Page 60 Much has been - and remains to be - done.
If Not Now, When? By Robert K. Downs January 2006 Column, Page 8 ISBA faces the challenge of implementing a bold new image advertising campaign and CLE on a grand scale. 
A Busy Year, With a Little Help From Our Friend By Robert K. Downs December 2005 Column, Page 612 Much has been accomplished, and we still have half a year to go.
Correspondence from Our Readers November 2005 Column, Page 554 Poor lawyer image - incivility not the culprit? Mediator as peacemaker.
Preaching to the Converted By Robert K. Downs November 2005 Column, Page 556 Solo and small firm lawyers are in touch with the core values of the profession.
Rebuilding Our Credibility by Restoring Our Professionalism By Robert K. Downs October 2005 Column, Page 496 Let's improve our public image by promoting civility and punishing misconduct.
Family Law: A Crucible for Change By Robert K. Downs September 2005 Column, Page 436 If we want to improve the image of our profession, let's improve the practice of family law.
We have met the Enemy By Robert K. Downs August 2005 Column, Page 380  Lawyers should join the front ranks in the battle to improve the justice system.
The Year Ahead By Robert K. Downs July 2005 Column, Page 328 The new ISBA president outlines his plans for the coming year.
Accomplishments, Challenges, and Opportunities By Ole Bly Pace, III June 2005 Column, Page 272 A reflection on the bar for it.
Preparing to Meet the Future By Ole Bly Pace, III May 2005 Column, Page 224 We don't alter the future, but we can plan for it
An Honest Look at Tort Reform By Ole Bly Pace, III April 2005 Column, Page 160 ISBA has commissioned an unbiased study of the relationship between malpractice litigation and insurance rates.
Strengthening the Legal-Aid Safety Net By Ole Bly Pace, III March 2005 Column, Page 108 We need to find a way to serve the unmet legal needs of the poor without unfairly burdening solo and small-firm lawyers.
Lawyer Training: Time for a Legal Residency? By Ole Bly Pace, III February 2005 Column, Page 60 The growth in new lawyers is overwhelming our traditional post-law-school training system.
A Hard Way to Make a Living By Ole Bly Pace, III November 2004 Column, Page 560 The results of the ISBA law-firm economic survey are in.
Reining in Outside Influence on Judicial Campaigns By Ole Bly Pace October 2004 Column, Page 506  ISBA monitors the tone and conduct of judicial campaigns.
The Long, Hard Fight to Improve Public Image By Ole Bly Pace, III September 2004 Column, Page 448 In the recent ISBA economic poll, we asked survey recipients what the ISBA could do to improve the economics of the practice. 
Pilot Associate Member Program for Councils, Committees By Ole Bly Pace, III August 2004 Column, Page 388 I've been known to (repeatedly) say that we are part of a noble profession.
Making a Life and a Living in the Law By Ole Bly Pace, III July 2004 Column, Page 332 As my brief stewardship of this office begins, you may be wondering what the guy with the odd name will be doing, and why.
Leaving You in Good Hands By Terrence J. Lavin June 2004 Column, Page 284 From a purely personal perspective, it is difficult indeed to try to summarize the highlights of my year as your ISBA President. 
Preaching to the Choir on the Town Hall Trail By Terrence J. Lavin May 2004 Column, Page 234 As your ISBA president, I have been traveling the state speaking to lawyers about the pleasures and the pitfalls of practicing law in Illinois.
Malpractice Wars Redux: The Same Old Song By Terrence J. Lavin April 2004 Column, Page 168 The temporary custodian of the office of ISBA president never exactly knows what issues and challenges will surface during his/her year at the helm.