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The Battle Against Non-Lawyer Involvement in Legal Practice By John E. Thies January 2013 Column, Page 8 How ISBA is fighting efforts to allow non-lawyer ownership.
Holiday Greetings By John E. Thies December 2012 Column, Page 624 Holiday Greetings from John, Terry, Katie and Caroline Thies
Why Adequate Court Funding Continues to be an ISBA Priority By John E. Thies November 2012 Column, Page 572 Bar associations and the lawyers they serve must promote adequate funding.
The Value of Our Senior Lawyers By John E. Thies October 2012 Column, Page 512 The ISBA tips its hat to its fastest growing demographic.
The Case for Reform of Illinois Judicial Disqualification Standards By John E. Thies September 2012 Column, Page 456 It's time we implemented commonsense, fair rules on recusal.
The Bar’s Role in Legal Education Reform By John E. Thies August 2012 Column, Page 396 Lawyers must have a voice in the reform discussion.
It’s All About Meeting Legal Needs By John E. Thies July 2012 Column, Page 344 ISBA's new president previews his year.
And in the End… By John G. Locallo June 2012 Column, Page 284 A one-sentence lyric from the Beatles sums up a 12-month journey at the helm of the ISBA.
What the Illinois Bar Foundation Means to Me By John G. Locallo May 2012 Column, Page 232 Joining the ISBA's charitable arm lets you give back to the profession, help those who need it, and have fun in the process.
So I’m an ISBA Member, Now What? By John G. Locallo April 2012 Column, Page 176 Are we doing all we can to give young lawyers value for their dues?
Behind the Technology Curve? The ISBA Can Help By John G. Locallo March 2012 Column, Page 124 Are you using the practice management tech tools you need? If not, the ISBA is there for you.
ISBA Goes to Cuba By John G. Locallo February 2012 Column, Page 68 An ISBA delegation meets with Cuban judges and lawyers.
LAWPAC Needs Impact By John G. Locallo January 2012 Column, Page 8 It's more important than ever to give lawyers a strong voice in Springfield.
‘Appy ‘Olidays! By John G. Locallo December 2011 Column, Page 602 Deck your smartphone with some of these lawyer-friendly apps.
Serving Those Who Serve By John G. Locallo November 2011 Column, Page 548 Let's pause this Veteran's Day to honor our military and the lawyers who serve them.
OK Computer By John G. Locallo October 2011 Column, Page 488 Technology is changing the world of lawyering. Can we keep pace?
Exile on Face Tweet: Lawyer Networking on Social Media By John G. Locallo September 2011 Column, Page 432 You can't afford not to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
QR and the Illinois Bar By John G. Locallo August 2011 Column, Page 380 What QR codes are and how to use them to promote your practice.
Legal Tech: Here Today, More Tomorrow By John G. Locallo July 2011 Column, Page 328 ISBA's new president outlines his year to come.
The Year That Was By Mark D. Hassakis June 2011 Column, Page 276 From juvenile justice reform to Lawyers Rock Legends, this has been a year to remember.
The Real Heroes of Member Service By Mark D. Hassakis May 2011 Column, Page 220 The ISBA works because we - all of us - make it work.
Lawyers Making A Difference for Juvenile Justice Reform, Part III By Mark D. Hassakis April 2011 Column, Page 172 More about Illinois lawyers committed to juvenile justice reform.
More Lawyers Making A Difference for Juvenile Justice By Mark D. Hassakis March 2011 Column, Page 116 We continue our look at Illinois lawyers helping to transform our juvenile justice system.
Transforming Juvenile Justice: Lawyers Making A Difference By Mark D. Hassakis and Lisa Jacobs February 2011 Column, Page 64 Transforming Juvenile Justice: Lawyers Making A Difference
What if it Were Your Child? By Mark D. Hassakis and Lisa Jacobs January 2011 Column, Page 8 What would "the system" look like if we designed it for our children?
Juvenile Justice: The Power of Prevention By Mark D. Hassakis December 2010 Column, Page 608 Illinois spends much more on jailing juveniles than on prevention.
Notes from a Legal Assistant By Mark D. Hassakis November 2010 Column, Page 556 Not every law office VIP has a law license.
Illinois Lawyer Finder: ISBA’s Member-Client Connection By Mark D. Hassakis October 2010 Column, Page 500 Illinois Lawyer Finder can connect you with clients. Shouldn't you be there?
Tips from Veteran ISBA Members By Mark D. Hassakis September 2010 Column, Page 444 Great advice from experienced ISBA colleagues.
The Urgent Need for Juvenile Justice Reform By Mark D. Hassakis August 2010 Column, Page 392 Our costly juvenile justice system too often does more harm than good. Fortunately, there's a better way.