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Legal Tech: MacBook Air is a great laptop for lawyers

The MacBook Air comes with either an 11" or 13" display.
By Peter LaSorsa So you are in the market for a new laptop. I won’t devote much space in this article on whether to purchase a Windows-based laptop or Mac because the Mac is superior—end of discussion.  Mac’s have better technology, are pretty much virus free and are the leaders in innovation. I will tell you why I believe the MacBook Air (“Air”) is the one you should choose of the Mac laptops. When it comes to laptops, the purpose of the laptop is to be mobile and for you to take it with you—read that as the lighter the better.  There is nothing worse than carrying a heavy object.  One disadvantage to other light and thin laptops is the need to purchase external CD drives to load software or music.  The Air has a nice feature that allows you to load a CD on the Air from either another Mac or from a windows based computer as long as the computer is on your network.  This is a great feature because you don’t have to spend the extra money on an external drive and you don’t have to carry the drive around with you.  If you have a windows based computer on your network you can go to the Apple website and download a program that allows you to share your CD drive—its very easy to download and use. The Air also gives you seven hours of battery life on the 13” model and five hours on the 11” model.  Both great for airplane travel and for usage when power is not available. Prices start at $999 and go up to $1799. The Air has great processing speed and storage and for a lawyer there aren’t any limitations in my opinion. The lighter the laptop the more likely you will use it and therefore for the money, I believe the Air is the way to go. Peter LaSorsa can be reached at He also publishes a blog at
Posted on June 23, 2011 by Chris Bonjean
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