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Purchase health insurance using your GetInsured Member Marketplace discount

December 15 is the last day you can enroll for health insurance and be covered January 1!

If you miss this deadline, you will not have health insurance when the calendar turns over. And you'll have to go without health insurance until the first of the following month.

So if you or a family member needs to visit a doctor or fill a prescription during that time, you will have to pay the entire bill out of your own pocket. Are you able to shoulder that potentially heavy expense?

When you secure health insurance through the ISBA it takes only minutes to find available plans that are scored for how well they meet your needs. At a glance, you can compare several plans total costs, how they pay for doctor visits and prescriptions, what specialties are covered and more. And in many cases, you can finalize coverage on the same online session.

Why would you want to go even one day without necessary health coverage? Why would you want to risk your hard-earned money, as well as possibly incur a tax penalty?

Click here to get the coverage you and your family need...quickly...reliably...and confidentally. Call 1-866-454-5177 to talk to a licensed agent or enroll online now.

Open enrollment for health care ends January 31, 2017. Start learning today how much you can save on coverage the law requires. Call  1-866-454-5177 to talk to a specialist or click here now.

Act now so you don't miss the December 15 deadline for January 1 coverage! Click here or call  1-866-454-5177

*Please note: Provided by Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC. These individual health insurance plans are not sponsored by the Illinois State Bar Association or Mercer Marketplace. If you are eligible for affordable minimum value health care through an employer, you will be ineligible for federal tax credits toward the purchase of exchange coverage. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please ask a licensed Getinsured agent.

Mercer is not engaged in the practice of law and recommends that for legal or tax advice you secure the advice of competent legal or tax counsel.

Posted on December 5, 2016 by Morgan Yingst
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